Beach Wedding Decorations & Coastal Wedding Decor

Beach weddings are some of the most romantic ceremonies you can host. There’s something exciting about the rushing water tides, sand covering your feet and the cool ocean breeze. It’s a relaxing environment which cheers you up for the marriage life ahead.

However, if you are new to beach wedding decor, you may find it difficult to choose the perfect beach wedding decorations to spice up the venue. Below are a few ideas to consider.

Beach Wedding Decorations

Beach Lanterns and Ground Lights

The beach is cool, but it can get cold at times. You don’t want your guests to be shivering and struggling to see while you give wedding speeches later in the evening. Candles in votive holders, lantern lights and ground lights are some of the accessories you can use warm up the venue. You may also add string lights to create a starry effect.

Driftwood and White-Washed Signposts

There’s no better way to maximize the beach theme than using decor materials collected around the beach. Water washed wood, for instance, can be used to display the couple’s names or to show directions. Driftwood, on the other hand, would look great if paired with string lights or other decor fabrics and flowers.

Beach Wedding Favors

We absolutely love beach themed wedding favors and you can go a lot of different directions when it comes to coastal wedding favors. You can choose the mason jar theme, sunglasses, seashells, candle holders, and more.

Sea-life Centerpieces on Tables

Why have regular flower vases on the tabletops when you have access to popular sea-life accessories? Use corals, shells and star-fish as centerpieces on your guests’ tables. They can be placed inside flower vases or alongside candles to give the tables a rich appearance. These accessories could also be the perfect beach wedding favors for your guests to take home.

Lots of Flowers

What’s a beach wedding without flowers? You will need flowers for the entire seating area and the pulpit. The flowers can be tied to the seats, placed on top of tables, arranged on posts or placed on the ground with the help of flower pots. Flowers add depth to the plain colored beach water and sand. They breathe life into the otherwise cold scene.

Colored Ribbons and Fabrics

Beach weddings are usually brightly colored, but you have to be careful during the color selection process. Ocean blue and sandy white are your dominant colors as they form a backdrop for all other colors. Therefore, you need to select colors that blend in perfectly with these two. Even your guests need to have a theme color; otherwise, your photos may look a bit awkward. Peach, pink, blue hues, green and pure white are some of the most popular colors for beach weddings.

10 Beach Wedding Ideas

Your beach wedding decor can be as elaborate or as simple as your individual tastes and preferences as a couple. Sometimes, simplicity is better, particularly when it comes to having an intimate ceremony on a beach. In fact, the ocean will offer you a spectacular ambience and backdrop. To supplement this, the following are some wedding beach decor ideas and things to do to customize your party venue.

wedding-beach-decor-ideas-and-themes Beach Wedding Decorations & Coastal Wedding Decor

1. Flowers

Fill plastic buckets of tin with your favorite flowers and hang them on shepherd’s hooks or over your chairs as simple as that. Alternatively, if pails aren’t your thing, you can consider using simple glass jars because they are perfect and available in many sizes. Fill them with beautiful flowers, and then hang them with a string.

2. Starfish Pew Markers

For an up-market and luxurious feel hang lush-tassels in a very nice, neutral sand color just from pews and then attach beautiful shells or starfish to them. If you need something that is budget friendly and relatively more basic, simply tie a few ribbons or raffia in your chosen colors to two or more points of a starfish and then hang them to your chairs. It’s simple but very beautiful.

3. Surfboards

If you or your spouse is avid surfers, this is also one of the best wedding beach decor ideas you should consider having in place. Just bring great part of your life right into your beach wedding party decor. Simply cut out small surfboards from a balsa wood and then paint then using your favorite colors. You can also decide to personalize them by writing your names and/or the wedding date on each of them and hang on every pew. These surfboards also make very amazing keepsakes.

4. Palm Leaves

Decorate your pews using simple palm leaves, which are cut to perfect size and hung over your pews with a ribbon or string. If you want more colors then you can add few tropical flowers, shells or leis.

5. Bucket of Shells

Rather than using jars or buckets filled with beautiful flowers, it can also be a good thing to fill the pails with a few beautiful starfish and shells. This can look absolutely stunning if you can also incorporate some succulents. After that, hang them on the side of your chairs, especially on shepherds’ hooks or just on the floor.

6. Hawaiian Leis

You either make your own Hawaiian leis, or have a florist make it out of tropical flowers just to drape over the pews. You can use artificial flowers or real flowers or incorporate small pieces of driftwood and shell if your wedding ceremony isn’t really “tropical”.

7. Shepherds Hooks

If you do not have chairs or perhaps you do not like the ideas of pew markers with anything to easily hang something from. In this case the shepherds’ hoods might be a good option. You can use these hooks in several ways for your wedding beach ceremony decor – simply hang some storm lanterns filled with beautiful flowers, jars or buckets of flowers, Chinese lanterns, pomanders or anything else you might think of.

8. Nautical Style Lanterns

It is also a good idea to consider having storm lanterns or just any nautical style lanterns can extremely make amazing wedding beach ceremony decorations. For instance, if you are looking for a minimalist look for your big day decor, then place them down the aisle with beautiful flowers inside or candles of different colors if you plan to have a sunset wedding ceremony. Alternatively, you could hang these lanterns from your pews with some draping.

9. Wedding Flags

Simple flags can also make your wedding venue look very attractive and beautiful. Simply make some flags in your chosen colors or in any gauzy white materials and attach them to bamboo sticks. It is a very simple wedding beach decor idea, which is cheap and easy to make as well. This idea also looks amazing if there will be a slight breeze.

10. Pinwheels

Buy or make some pinwheels in your chosen styles and colors and tie them to bamboo sticks or to the pews for a playful look, which works perfectly in the breeze.

In Summary

In summary, if you plan to have a beach wedding, strive to maintain a beach theme with the decor as well as the attires. Don’t think too hard, but instead, look around the beach for inspiration. Lastly, giveaways are quite a big deal for the guests. They will need to remember that they once gathered at the beach for your wedding, so get creative and find awesome keepsakes for them.

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