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You are throwing a beautiful beach wedding and now you need everything that goes along with it. When you are planning for a wedding, you usually don’t realize how much goes into it, how many things you need, how many decorations you need to buy, and all the things that your guests expect.

We decided here at Beachfront Decor to put together a list of all of the beach wedding favors we have available on our website that you can purchase right now. Whether you need coastal wedding favors for 20 guests or for 500 guests we have a lot of different options. You might build a mix-and-match favor with beach favor bags, or you may give a single product.

Some popular wedding favors include things from the ocean, nautical elements in a sea, and a variety of themes that you always find near the shore. We have options like anchors, seashells, starfish, lighthouses, sand dollar’s, lanterns, fish, and more that you can use as your own coastal wedding favors.

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Beach Wedding Favors For Sale

We listed our absolute favorite beach themed wedding favors below in a variety of styles. When you need a coastal, beach, or nautical wedding favors, all of the products below will be absolutely perfect.

Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Double Heart Candle Holder Wedding Favors, 72

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Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Stunning calla lily design candle favors, 96

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Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Plantable Heart Note Favor – Cream (Pack of 100)

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Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Sea Shell Placecard Holders Beach Themed (40)

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Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Nautical Anchor Bottle Stopper (pack of 20)

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Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Light for Love Collection Heart Candle Favor Tins, 50

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Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Stunning Beach-Themed Candle Favor [Set of 24]

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Anchor Wedding Favors








Starfish Wedding Favors




Seashell & Sand Dollar Wedding Favors






Flip Flop Wedding Favors





How to Choose Beach Wedding Favors

If you don’t know your style this article should certainly help you figure out where your eyes are drawn and what you like the most so that when you make the option for your wedding favors you find exactly what you were looking for and something that your guests will love to.

Wedding Favor Price

Just like with everything in a wedding, the price starts to add up very quickly when you are looking at beach wedding favors. You might not realize that you’re only buying in small packs of 10, 15, 20, or 25, so things can really add up if you have a huge guest list. That’s why you absolutely need to look at price and make sure you price out the total cost and how much it’s going to cost for each favor bag that you give to your guests.

By simply cutting your costs in half you can save some money and it’s not something where you need to splurge because most guests don’t expect an expensive favor after everything is said and done.

Beach Favor Style

Like we said above, we have a variety of options like anchors, boats, compasses, coral, cork bottles, glass bottles, crabs, dolphins, flip-flops, mermaids, palm trees, starfish, shells, and more.

If you have more of a nautical theme the wedding you might want to look for something like an anchor whereas a beach wedding would definitely be something like a starfish. Another very popular option is flip-flops because flip-flop theme decor has become extremely popular in homes so of course it becomes very popular as a wedding favor because they make for great key chains bottle openers and more.

Beach Wedding Favor Color

Something you might not think about is that color plays a very important role for wedding favors because you usually want something that matches your wedding color scheme. You don’t want to give people something that is bright red when you use some more neutral colors like lavender, light blue, or light yellow throughout your wedding.

It’s something small but having everything match really helps tie the event together and people can know and remember everything about your wedding party when they look at their wedding favor 10 years from now.

Finding Beach Wedding Decorations

We know that planning a wedding can be difficult so hopefully you’re able to find everything that you were looking for as your browse our website. Wedding favors or one of the last things you think about because they come at the very end so we found a list of beach wedding favors that are affordable and beautiful so your guests will be happy and your wallet will be happy as well.

Please let us know if you’re looking for anything custom and we might be able to help you out, you can always contact us because we might be able to use our connections to get you a new option that nobody has used before.

In Summary

Hopefully with all the options and tips that we have given above you were able to find your beach wedding favors so that your guests will be happy, you will be happy, and you’re able to have the wedding day of your dreams.

Planning a wedding involves a lot so we understand that and we want to only help you find everything you need for your beach themed wedding. You can look at more of our articles and more of our products if you’re really having trouble and you need more help.

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