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Porthole Mirrors: Nautical Elegance Meets Modern Home Decor

When it comes to looking for nautical decor for your home, we understand it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. Unless you live near an ocean town with tons of beach related stores, you will run into trouble finding what you need. Porthole mirrors are something that are very difficult to find without the right specialty store. In addition, there are so many varieties of porthole themed mirrors that you don’t want to limit yourself to limited mirror choices.

Luckily, we decided to put together a complete list of our absolute favorite nautical mirrors with a porthole theme for your home. The options below come in a variety of sizes, styles, themes, and colors. You can find large porthole mirrors, porthole brass mirrors, and more. You can transform your home and add that feeling of a nautical ship with the products below.

Porthole Mirrors




Porthole Mirrors in Bathrooms

We decided to put together some inspiration for your nautical bathroom. If you aren’t sure how to use porthole mirrors in bathrooms, the designs below should help. Keep in mind that you can find mirrors in different sizes and themes, so you need to find something that fits.

Provincetown Beach House 1

provincetown-beach-house-1 Porthole Mirrors: Nautical Elegance Meets Modern Home Decor
Design by: Peter McDonald Architect


Provincetown Beach House 2

provincetown-beach-house-2 Porthole Mirrors: Nautical Elegance Meets Modern Home Decor
Design by: Mary Prince Photography


Rockport Beach House

rockport-beach-house Porthole Mirrors: Nautical Elegance Meets Modern Home Decor
Design by: Reiko Feng Shui Design


Nautical Themed Bathroom

nautical-themed-porthole-mirrors-bathroom Porthole Mirrors: Nautical Elegance Meets Modern Home Decor
Design by: Folding Chair Design


Nautical Retreat

nautical-coastal-retreat-bathroom Porthole Mirrors: Nautical Elegance Meets Modern Home Decor
Design by: Bruce Palmer Interior Design


Boathouse Hideaway

boathouse-hideaway Porthole Mirrors: Nautical Elegance Meets Modern Home Decor
Design by: LiLu Interiors


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Porthole Mirror Pinterest Pin

porthole-mirrors Porthole Mirrors: Nautical Elegance Meets Modern Home Decor


Porthole Mirror Themes

You will find there are mostly round porthole mirrors because they resemble windows on old nautical ships. Some of the popular materials include chrome and brass porthole mirrors. The two main options you can choose from are older, weathered rustic porthole mirrors and polished options that look modern.

Different Styles and Sizes of Porthole Mirrors

  • Classic Porthole Mirrors

    These mirrors closely resemble the original portholes found on ships, featuring a circular metal frame, often made of brass or bronze. Classic porthole mirrors can range in size from small, 12-inch diameter mirrors to large, 36-inch diameter statement pieces. They are perfect for adding a touch of maritime history to your living space.

  • Industrial Porthole Mirrors

    Industrial porthole mirrors fuse the nautical charm of the classic porthole with the raw, rugged appeal of industrial design. These mirrors often have a distressed, aged appearance and may feature materials such as iron or steel. They work well in spaces with an industrial or rustic theme.

  • Contemporary Porthole Mirrors

    For those who prefer a more modern aesthetic, contemporary porthole mirrors offer sleek lines and minimalist design elements. These mirrors often feature a thinner frame and can be found in materials such as stainless steel, chrome, or even wood. They are perfect for adding a subtle nautical touch to a contemporary space.

Incorporating Porthole Mirrors into Your Home Decor

  • Create a Focal Point

    A large porthole mirror can serve as an eye-catching focal point in a room. Hang it above a fireplace, in a hallway, or as a centerpiece in your living room to create visual interest and add depth to your space.

  • Enhance Small Spaces

    Porthole mirrors are an excellent choice for small spaces, as their circular shape and reflective surface can create the illusion of more space. Place a porthole mirror in a narrow hallway or a small bathroom to make the area feel more open and inviting.

  • Group Multiple Porthole Mirrors

    Display multiple porthole mirrors of varying sizes and styles together to create a striking gallery wall. This arrangement can add visual interest and create a cohesive nautical theme throughout your space.

  • Utilize Porthole Mirrors in Unexpected Spaces

    Porthole mirrors can add an unexpected touch of nautical flair to any room. Consider placing a porthole mirror in your kitchen, home office, or even in an outdoor living area for an unexpected and stylish twist.

  • Pair with Nautical Accessories

    To enhance the maritime theme, pair your porthole mirror with other nautical-inspired accessories, such as vintage ship lights, maritime wall art, or coastal-inspired textiles.

In Summary

When you are looking for a new mirror, it can be difficult to find the right one. You need one just the size you are looking for in the correct theme that will match your nautical home. The guide above was meant to give you an exhaustive list of options so you can get a new mirror.

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