Wicker Conversation Sets

wicker conversation sets

Wicker conversation sets are extremely popular outdoors because they are great for relaxing and entertaining. You can sit on a cushioned wicker sofa, put your coffee down on the coffee table, cover yourself in a light blanket, and read outdoors for hours. In addition, you can join some of your closest friends and family members with a glass of wine while you are chatting. Wicker conversation sets are wonderful because they give you a great area to unwind.

We decided here at Beachfront Decor to put together our best wicker conversation sets that you can buy for your outdoor patio. If you are looking to upgrade your patio, porch, or deck, wicker is always a tremendous option. There are different types of wicker so keep that in mind when you look at price, size, color, and brand.

Best Wicker Conversation Sets



Coastal Furniture & Beach Furniture

Merax Outdoor Patio Wicker Chair Set

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Coastal Furniture & Beach Furniture

Tangkula 3PC Patio Wicker Conversation Set

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Coastal Furniture & Beach Furniture

Sedona Wicker Sunbrella 5-PC Patio Set

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Coastal Furniture & Beach Furniture

Mission Hills Furniture Wicker Patio Sofa Set

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Coastal Furniture & Beach Furniture

Baner Garden 3-PC Wicker Conversation Chair Set

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Coastal Furniture & Beach Furniture

Merax 4-PC Garden Rattan Wicker Sofa Set

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Coastal Furniture & Beach Furniture

IDS Home Patio Wicker Furniture Sofa Set

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Coastal Furniture & Beach Furniture

Kyoto 3-PC Intimate Wicker Conversation Set

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Coastal Furniture & Beach Furniture

Giantex 4-PC Wicker Patio Furniture Set

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Coastal Furniture & Beach Furniture

Merax 4-PC Outdoor PE Rattan Wicker Sofa Set

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Things To Consider

Seats – Some conversation sets only include two seats, which is perfect for a married couple that likes to sit outdoors together. Other wicker conversation sets come with four or six seats, so just know how many people you usually gather with. If you have a group of five that regularly hangs out together, you may want to opt for a larger set.

Size – Do you have space on your outdoor patio or deck for a new wicker conversation set? Usually they are fairly compact in size but you might want to look at measurements to make sure everything fits. If you have a smaller balcony or a small front porch, it can be more difficult to fit patio furniture.

Quality – You are usually paying for overall wicker quality and cushion quality when you look at price. Higher prices usually means a more durable piece of furniture that can withstand the outdoor elements for a longer period of time, while lower prices might mean the product was made with synthetic wicker instead of actual real wicker.

Color – Does the color match the rest of your decor? Are you keeping the right color scheme outdoors? Wicker comes in black, grey, white, dark brown, and light brown. You can also paint wicker easily in case you want a brighter color. Lastly, cushions come in a variety of colors as well. I prefer darker cushions in case of spills or stains but that’s totally up to you.

Wicker Conversation Set Designs

Decorating your outdoor patio with wicker furniture is a difficult yet fun task. One of the most popular options for your outdoor space is a wicker conversation set, which is great for entertaining your friends and family. Not only is wicker a comfortable and durable furniture option, it’s also luxurious and beautiful.

We decided to put together 15 different outdoor designs, ideas, and inspirations from Houzz featuring wicker conversation sets. They should help you get some ideas about decorating your own backyard, porch, or deck. I would recommend looking at some of the decor that surrounds the wicker furniture in the images below.

15 Wicker Conversation Set Inspirations




1. Harpswell

beach-style-porch Wicker Conversation Sets


2. Duxbury Wicker Conversation Set

home-design Wicker Conversation Sets


3. New Canaan Renovation

victorian-porch Wicker Conversation Sets


4. Vomo Wicker Conversation Set

modern Wicker Conversation Sets


5. Cane Garden Wicker Set

modern Wicker Conversation Sets


6. Bahia Poolside Wicker Set

modern Wicker Conversation Sets


7. Sea Captain’s Home

traditional-sunroom Wicker Conversation Sets


8. Santa Barbara Dutch Colonial

traditional-family-room Wicker Conversation Sets


9. Coastal Chic

beach-style-porch Wicker Conversation Sets


10. Old Florida River House

eclectic-porch Wicker Conversation Sets


11. Traditional Porch

traditional-porch Wicker Conversation Sets


12. Woolloowin Residence

traditional-deck Wicker Conversation Sets


13. Maureen Residence

craftsman-deck Wicker Conversation Sets


14. Porches and Verandas

beach-style-porch Wicker Conversation Sets


15. Beachfront White Wicker Conversation Set

beach-style-deck Wicker Conversation Sets


Choosing Your Wicker Furniture

The main thing you want to remember is picking a style, size, color, and theme that works and flows with your outdoor space. A dark outside grey deck would be complemented by a white wicker set while a light brown deck would look great with an espresso wicker conversation set. All in all, find the right size wicker furniture set with the right number of seats so you can relax and entertain guests at your beach home.

In Summary

Hopefully this article gives you some new ideas for your outdoor space. If you are entertaining friends and family or you just want something for your nuclear family outdoors, a wicker conversation set is a great option. Keep in mind some of the tips we gave you to ensure you get the absolute best piece of furniture possible.

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