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Wicker Dining Tables & Wicker Patio Dining Sets

With so many wicker patio dining sets, it’s difficult to make a decision. If you have a porch, deck, or patio, you generally want to complete it with some furniture and most importantly outdoor wicker dining sets. We decided here at Beachfront Decor that we would put together some of our favorite wicker dining table and chair sets for you to browse through. We have 5 piece, 7 piece, 9 piece, and more dining sets so you can find something to have meals with your family and to also entertain guests.

Wicker Dining Sets



Wicker Dining Table and Chair Sets





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How to Choose a Wicker Dining Set

Hopefully you can find a new outdoor wicker dining set above. We have so many options so if you want a high top table with bar stools we have it and if you just want a standard rectangle wicker dining table with 6 chairs we have that too.

We listed our favorite 9 outdoor wicker dining sets below for your patio, porch, balcony, or deck. Wicker rattan dining sets are perfect for a patio and you can find options featuring 6, 8, 10, or 12 wicker chairs.


Buying Wicker Dining Sets

There’s nothing quite like an outdoor patio wicker dining set to hang out with friends and family outdoors. Wicker is a great option for your outdoor patio because it is not only beautiful but it is also durable. In addition, if you get wicker furniture with cushions, it tends to be as comfortable as an indoor sofa.

Find some different 5, 6, and 7-piece rattan Wicker dining sets. Brighten your outdoor patio and create a wonderful family-friendly atmosphere for everyone to hang out. Many outdoor areas are lonely and don’t take advantage of the space that can be spent comfortably with family.

All-Weather Wicker Dining Sets

You absolutely want to purchase all weather wicker dining sets for your outdoor patio because of the elements the furniture will have to deal with. You can purchase a cover and keep it covered regularly but you still want to buy high-quality wicker for your patio dining set.

Number of Pieces For Your Wicker Dining Table Set

You might want something for your family of four and that might just be a five piece wicker dining set. Otherwise, you can go for something bigger that really comes in handy when you are entertaining outside. When you look at dining sets make sure you look at how many chairs it comes with and the overall size of the dining table.

Wicker Furniture Colors

You can choose from black, grey, light brown, dark brown, and black. You ultimately want a color that matches your outdoor color scheme. If you have a brown wooden deck then you can really go with any color you want, but if you have more of a dark modern color scheme then a black wicker dining set might be perfect.

Wicker Dining Table Shapes

There are round tables, square tables, and rectangle tables. Depending on your space, you can choose the right shape that makes sense. Circle tables are usually more compact and smaller but they also include less chairs. Rectangle tables are larger and usually include more chairs for seating.

High Top vs Low Top Wicker Dining Tables

You might want to get a high top pub style table with barstools or something lower with cushioned wicker chairs. High top tables can be great when you are trying to have something more intimate and maybe a little less comfortable while low top tables are usually a bit more comfortable.

My Recommendation For Wicker Dining Sets

One of the best decisions I ever made was setting up a wicker patio dining set in my outdoor area. It has lasted for several years without showing signs of wear and tear and it’s a great place to spend with family during the summer months. We eat plenty of our meals outdoors because we know it’s nice to have that outdoor atmosphere without having to sacrifice anything.

Why Wicker Furniture?

Wicker furniture is a tremendous option because it looks luxurious and it is extremely durable. The main thing you want to keep in mind is that more expensive outdoor wicker dining sets tend to hold up better long-term so something cheap might also be more of a short-term solution. You also want to get furniture covers to protect the wicker from rain or snow when you are not using it but it won’t wear down easy.

There are a lot of different options in terms of wicker patio dining sets so we decided to give you some design and furniture tips to help guide your buying decision.

In Summary

I hope you are able to find the perfect outdoor wicker dining sets and furniture to complete your outdoor space. If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the spring, summer, and fall, wicker furniture is always a great option because of its beauty and durability.

We love wicker furniture here at Beachfront Decor because it is durable, comfortable, affordable, and stylish. It checks every box when you are looking for outdoor patio furniture so it’s a great material to select. You certainly get what you pay for so make sure you find a highly rated wicker patio dining set that will be perfect for your family and home for years to come.

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