100+ Black Wicker Patio Furniture Sets For 2020

black wicker furniture

Black wicker outdoor furniture are made from high-quality woven wicker and rattan material. Black wicker furniture can help you create beautiful outdoor spaces that can help you entertain friends and family.

We decided to put together a list of black wicker furniture sets that will work indoors and outdoors. In addition, we curated individual pieces like black wicker chairs or pieces of furniture. If you are not sure where to get started, look through our wicker furniture ideas and inspiration further down the article.

Black Wicker Furniture

We listed some of our best black wicker and rattan patio furniture and dining sets below for your home. Discover some of our wicker and black vintage rattan chairs and more below.

Black Wicker Furniture

TGDMshop Bench/Resin Wicker Hanging 78″ Wicker Porch Swing S14 Black and Grey Set of 1

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Black Wicker Furniture

Merax 9PC Black Wicker Dining Set

$599.99 $459.99
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Black Wicker Dining Sets

We listed some of our favorite black wicker dining sets below including black wicker tables, chairs, and benches. If you put a dining set on your patio, you will be able to entertain friends and family all the time.


Why Choose Black Wicker Furniture?

Black wicker furniture is thoughtfully designed, styled and created, which is why they are so popular. Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of colors from black to white so it is a matter of preference. It’s popular for people to choose one color of wicker furniture and cushions that are a different color. There are black wicker furniture sets that feature white, red, blue, and gray cushions. By utilizing contrasting colors, you can create a simple yet elegant outdoor design.

Wicker Material

Black wicker patio furniture sets are usually made up of some best materials, which has a fibrous core. It is a tropical wood with the hard outer cartridge, giving it good strength. Being fibrous on the inner side is very light and very much portable. After painted black, these wicker sets have a casually classic look. These dining sets can be placed on the patio, anywhere a family can enjoy the good moment, in the mornings or during summer and winter evenings.

Types of Wicker Furniture

Wicker can be used for outdoor use at home, hotels, resorts, spas, and cafes. Each piece of furniture exudes elegance, warmth and adds up to give that inviting, homey and cozy feel in any area they are placed. There is a variety of outdoor wicker furniture to choose from including black wicker outdoor chairs, black wicker patio furniture sets, black wicker outdoor sofa sets, and black wicker outdoor tables. Black wicker furniture can be paired with outdoor area rugs, canopies, coffee tables, end tables, and more.

Caring for Wicker Furniture

Black wicker outdoor chairs are characterized by its soft, clean modernistic lines, sharp angles and can be combined with other materials and created with most careful artisan-ship. Wicker for outdoor use are UV treated and can be left to stay outside all year long sans fading, splitting, or cracking of the materials. You should make use of an outdoor waterproof cover that can protect and help keep your furniture dry and clean when not in use.

Wicker Baskets for Storage

If you are looking for hidden storage options, wicker baskets can be used for storage. Placing them on the patio is another neat decor idea. You can use wicker style shelves to store your pots, percolators and other garden essentials. In addition, wicker storage seating is the perfect way to store all your outdoor items. Lastly, some black wicker sofa sets come with storage underneath your seat and underneath an outdoor wicker coffee table.

In Summary

There are numerous choices for outdoor wicker furniture perfect for covered patios and decks or an open area like your lawn or garden. Look for that perfect set or piece you want to have and get to see limitless options out there. Aside from the common outdoor furnishings, you can also see an extensive range of beautiful sets and pieces that will complement the beauty and functionality of your outdoor furniture.

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