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Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets

When you are looking for boho bedding sets for your home, it can be extremely difficult to find the right set. There are so many varieties of colors, sizes, styles, and themes. In addition, you need to search between boho comforters, duvet covers, and quilts along with throw pillows, shams, and sheets. So where do you go to find the right bohemian bedding set? What local store carries so many varieties that you will certainly find what you need? Luckily, we here at Beachfront Decor have put together a huge list of boho chic bedding, bohemian comforters, and more.

Boho Bedding




Boho Comforters

Boho comforter sets are very popular and they usually have the highest variety of styles. Boho chic comforters are really unique and they can add unique character to any bedroom.


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Boho Duvet Covers

Bohemian duvet covers are generally less expensive than comforters or quilts. We listed some of our favorite boho duvet covers below and boho chic duvet covers with a huge variety of colors and themes.




Boho Quilts

We love bohemian quilt sets and bohemian quilt bedding. You can find some unique boho patterns and bohemian patchwork quilts below that will work perfect in a bedroom. Whether you want new bedding for a child’s bedroom, your bedroom, a dorm room, or a guest bedroom, the options below are beautiful.



Bohemian Style Bedding Inspiration

In case you haven’t found what you are looking for you, we included more boho style bedding ideas below. All of the designs are pulled from Houzz and we gave each designer, architect, and photographer credit for their work. You can also find more boho bedding sets for sale at Houzz under each image.

Southwestern Bedroom

Southwestern-Bedroom-by-Chandler-Prewitt-Interior-Design Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Southwestern Bedroom by Chandler Prewitt Interior Design


Notting Hill House

Notting-Hill-House-by-Studio-Morton Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Notting Hill House by Studio Morton


Boho Chic Bedroom

Boho-Chic-Bedroom-by-Swank-Design Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Boho Chic Bedroom by Swank Design


Shabby Boho Chic Style Bedroom

Shabby-Boho-Chic-Style-Bedroom Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Shabby Boho Chic Style Bedroom


Boho Bedroom

Boho-Bedroom-by-Lisa-Borgnes-Giramonti Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Boho Bedroom by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti


My Houzz Ellie Sawits

My-Houzz-Ellie-Sawits-by-Rikki-Snyder Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
My Houzz Ellie Sawits by Rikki Snyder


New Boho Beach

New-Boho-Beach-by-Bowerhouse Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
New Boho Beach by Bowerhouse


My Houzz Layers of Patina and an Artists Touch

My-Houzz-Layers-of-Patina-and-an-Artists-Touch-by-Rikki-Snyder Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
My Houzz Layers of Patina and an Artists Touch by Rikki Snyder


Loft in Brooklyn Sweater Factory

Loft-in-Brooklyn-Sweater-Factory-by-Ondine-Karady-Design Bohemian Bedding and Boho Bedding Sets
Loft in Brooklyn Sweater Factory by Ondine Karady Design


How to Choose Boho Bedding

When your bedroom needs an upgrade, you want to spend your money on a dream bedding set. We searched all over the place to find our absolute favorite duvet covers, comforter sets, quilts, and more. If you love bohemian themes in your bedroom, you will absolutely love the ideas below. Whether you love colorful, bright styles or more neutral patterns and colors, we have you covered. We have also added varieties with different sizes and prices. We give you different options so you can find the perfect option. Bohemian bedding sets are one of the most popular varieties and you are sure to find some wonderful options for sale.

If you want to infuse your bedroom with cozy boho vibes, one of the best ways is through your bedding. The right bohemian or boho-inspired bedding can totally transform the look and feel of your sleep space. In this blog, we’ll explore some boho bedding essentials to create a stylish and comfortable sanctuary.

Boho Comforters

A boho-chic comforter makes a major style statement. Look for comforters with global-inspired prints, batik designs, embellished detailing, and fringed edging. Neutral, natural tones like ivory, sand, or blush pink work well for a relaxed boho aesthetic. Pick a lightweight bohemian comforter to layer over your top sheet or use alone in warm weather. For chillier nights, opt for a cozy quilted comforter with an intricate paisley or tile print.

Natural fibers like cotton, linen and bamboo are ideal for comforters to provide breathability. For extra coziness, pick a style made from velvet, velveteen, fleece or faux fur.

Boho Quilts

Quilts are a boho bedding staple, perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth and style. Choose an intricately patterned quilt with geometric motifs or global-inspired designs. Quilts with knotted detailing, pom pom fringe and tassels boost the bohemian vibe. Like comforters, quilts in natural fibers help regulate temperature.

For a relaxed look, drape a lightweight cotton or linen quilt at the foot of the bed. Or layer a large quilt over your duvet for extra coziness. Smaller quilts in bold prints make great decorative throw blankets.

Boho Duvet Covers

A duvet cover is the centerpiece of your bed for making a boho statement. Look for duvet covers with unique bohemian prints like batik, ikat or floral patterns. Earthy, faded colors reinforce the relaxed boho look. Choose fabrics like linen, cotton voile or cotton sateen for optimal softness and breathability.

Details like lace trim, intricate embroidery or fringe along the edges amplify the artisanal charm. Oversized duvet covers that drape down to the floor have an extra cozy and casual feel. For texture, opt for chunky crocheted lace duvet covers or woven jacquard styles.

Tie It All Together

Now add the finishing boho touches! Layer in some embroidered shams, fringed throws, macrame wall hangings and pile on the pillows for a cozy bohemian escape. With the right mix of prints, textures and details, your bedroom will feel like a serene urban oasis.

So elevate your sleep space with boho bedding that combines style, comfort and your unique artistic tastes. The benefits of better sleep and sweet dreams come free with every cozy bohemian bedding set.

In Summary

Finding the right boho bedding set can be difficult because there are so many options, colors, styles, and sizes. Whether you live in Miami Beach or Laguna Beach, you want bedding that flows with the outdoors. Boho bedding and bohemian bedding themes can be popular because they are bright and beautiful with patterns. Our goal with this article was to help find you the perfect boho quilt, comforter, or duvet cover. Sleep is so important and we want to help every step of the way.

Please feel free to reach out if you can’t find what you’re looking for. We have looked through tens of thousands of bedding sets so we can help!

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