Candle Wedding Favors

People who are interested in organizing a special event will have to use wholesale wedding favors to get the job done. You can get a bunch of candle wedding favors at once at a discounted price instead of purchasing them one by one. We decided to put together a list of some of the best options you can purchase at a variety of price ranges, qualities, and themes. Hopefully it will help you host the perfect event and give your guests something to remember the day forever.

Candle Wedding Favors



More Candle Wedding Favors

Our buying guide below should help you understand what wedding favors will work best for you. We feature a variety of themes (including nautical and beach themes of course) so you can fit it to your wedding.



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Types of Candle Wedding Favors

When you are hosting a party and giving away favors at the end, you want to know all of the options you have. Luckily for you, we have put a variety below that are extremely popular. Learn more about the pros and cons of candle wedding favors. We go through some popular candle favors below including personalized candle favors, mason jar candle wedding favors, bridal shower candle favors, and candle favors with custom labels.

Why You Need Candle Favors

Candle wedding favors are so popular because you aren’t limited to one or two options. They can be shaped in any way you can imagine, and they will provide one of the best solutions for your event. When people get home, they can use it as a piece of decor in their living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Most favors people throw away or put somewhere never to be seen again, a candle can be burnt and enjoyed.

Candle Favors with Custom Labels

You can buy glass candles with custom labels at a great price. A huge variety of brands sell them and all you basically have to do is pick a scent & color, design your label, and have the company print them out for you. The other option is to custom order sticky labels and custom order the candles you want and then make finishing the favors a DIY project.

Personalized Candle Favors

One of my favorite gifts to receive at a wedding is a candle. They are usually personalized candle wedding favors that include the bride and grooms names and wedding date.

One idea you can try is offering different scents and letting people choose their favorite. Go with the colors of the color scheme at your wedding to ensure everything matches properly.

Votives and Tea Light Holders

Votives and Tea Light holders are awesome because you can get them personalized for your wedding and they are always functional. People can just simply buy different tea light candles or small candles and put them in their wedding favor, as long as it matches the decor. The downside is that glass versions can be a little more expensive per piece and it might add up for a large wedding. The upside is that there are hundreds of tea light holders to choose from so you can definitely match your wedding design scheme.

Votives vs. Tea Light Holders

Votives and Tea Light Holders are slightly different in that candles in votives are generally not surrounded by a plastic or metal encasing while tea light candles have a metal holder. Votive candles generally have a lower melting point. Just understand what you are purchasing so you don’t have to deal with any wax melting issues or burning material. One other option is to use flickering flameless tea light candles, which look like the real thing and never blow out during the wedding.

In Summary

Candle wedding favors are considered to be a romantic idea and go well with virtually any wedding theme. Also, candle wedding favors are suitable for all seasons and you can customize them with your own labels. Votives, or candles which are provided as part of a religious ceremony, are regarded as the ideal wedding favor as they add faith to your faithful wedding.

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