Coastal Dressers & Beach Dressers

When you live near the beach, you want beach style furniture to match the outdoors. One popular option is to choose beach dressers in your bedroom. After all, we want our homes to feel bright, warm, and cozy when we are near the coast. With coastal dressers, you can choose all sorts of styles and colors to fit your space.

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Beach Dressers


Beach and Coastal Dressers

ACME FURNITURE Merivale White Dresser

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Beach and Coastal Dressers

ACME Shayla Antique White Dresser

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Beach and Coastal Dressers

Jessica 6-Drawer Dresser Cappuccino

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Beach and Coastal Dressers

South Shore Dresser, White Wash

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Beach and Coastal Dressers

Sandy Beach 11-Drawer Dresser White

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How to Choose Coastal Dressers

While picking out beach dressers that meet what you are looking for, there are a number of different things to consider. Do you prefer a rustic and shabby feel with worn woods? Perhaps you prefer a more modern or chic feel.

You generally don’t want to choose dark colored furniture in a beach home. Light colors are peaceful and help create relaxing living spaces. Within the beach themed style, there are a number of different furniture styles, so you can find the coastal themed dressers you are looking for.

Shabby Chic Dressers

The rustic or shabby wooden style would fit well with a tropical, beach side home. These types of coastal dressers really highlight the nearby jungles and wilderness that make up the tropical beach life. They could be painted in whites, grays or left natural. The wood is generally worn or weathered, which matches driftwood.

White Coastal Bedroom Furniture

Pure white beach dressers have a modern and chic feel. They are perfect for the traditional coastal beach home and pair well with gray and blue walls and decorations. White furniture gives the light and airy feel that most beach homes strive for.

Distressed Coastal Dressers

Distressed coastal dressers are similar to the rustic style. However, it gives the furniture a worn look that can be hard to create accurately. Using this style provides a well lived in feel to the home. Beach homes should feel well loved and the distressed look accomplishes this. Such dressers can be painted in any manner of colors while keeping the same worn style.

Nautical Dressers

The classic nautical style is also another traditional staple of beach homes and is popular for good reason. Nautical dressers embrace the ocean and really bring it into the home.

In Summary

No matter what style you prefer for your beach dressers, there is something out there that will fit your needs. Mix and match styles to really bring home the feeling you want.

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