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When it’s time to relax in your living room, you need a beautiful coastal sofa. We put together the best beach sofas you will ever find in a variety of colors and styles. If you are looking for a new coastal couch, you will find it below.

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How to Choose Coastal Sofas

There is a lot to consider when you are choosing your next beach themed couch or sofa set. There are white cottage sofas, striped beach sofas, blue coastal sofas, and more. Beach living rooms generally feature colors like white, blue, grey, and brown.

If you already have a sofa set, you can also consider beach themed sofa slipcovers as well. A white slipcover with light blue throw pillows can look beautiful on its own.

Why You Need a Coastal Sofa

Coastal sofas are great because they can make a great addition to beach homes as well as cottage homes. Many styles are available but one popular style is a white sofa with blue beach throw pillows, which consist of coastal themes.

Beach Sofa Colors and Styles

Different colors can give the living room a different feel. Grey gives off a more neutral and calming feel, which makes grey a great option for coastal couches. Many people like to pair the couch with grey and white pillows, but sometimes they opt for blue pillows. The same thing can be said for blue couches. People searching for a color that would go great with beach themed pillows should look into beige couches or white beach sofas.

Coastal Striped Sofas

If having a couch with only one solid color isn’t for you, striped couches are very beautiful. A common color combo is a grey base color with blue stripes. Striped couches can be tricky because it can be difficult finding pillows that can go with them. It is common for the pillows to have the same design as the couch making the pillows blend in with the couch.

Blue Beach Sofas

Different shades of blue make the perfect fabric for your next beachy sofa. I absolutely love light blue couch sets and they can be paired with white or grey throw pillows. The right sofa can help you create a blue coastal cottage look and feel, which is cozy and gorgeous.

How to Choose Coastal Throw Pillows

Say for example it’s the grey and blue couch mentioned earlier, you would have to decide if you want the pillows to be grey or blue. You have a lot more freedom when it comes to colors and designs for beach themed throw pillows. You can choose anything from blue and beige with seashells to white and yellow with pineapples. Colors like green, yellow, and blue can all look great with your coastal sofa.

Tropical Sofas

In a tropical beach home, you generally find brighter colors. The predominant colors feature shades of brown and green. One great option is to find a brighter sofa color or palm tree patterns on the couch. Palm trees and palm leaves are very popular if you live near a tropical ocean setting.

In Summary

Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong when looking for sofa styles. They all look great and will bring your beach home to life. You want your living room to look beautiful and one of the main features is your coastal sofa set. Hopefully, this list helps you find exactly what you are looking for.

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