100+ Best Folding Beach Chairs 2022

folding beach chair

Going to the beach is one of the things I look forward to most. Going outside and sitting on my folding beach chair on the sand while seeing the ocean is one of life’s simple pleasures. And, hearing the relaxing sound of the ocean is a vacation to me. Of course, I always make sure to bring my favorite folding beach chair with me. That is why we listed the top-rated folding beach chairs we have on our website below.

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How to Choose a Folding Beach Chair

You don’t want to look for the lowest prices, you want to find a beach chair that you can use for years to come. I generally look for folding beach chairs with an armrest and with backpack straps. There are several brands as well that make high-quality folding chairs for your trip to the beach. Last but not least, you may want to look for other features like cup holders, leg extensions, and more.

No one wants to sit directly on the sand when they soak up the sun or even after swimming in the ocean. If you spend a lot of time at the beach, you need a high-quality beach chair.

Folding Backpack Beach Chairs

My favorite chair that I always bring with me is a folding beach chair that can be worn as a backpack. They are much easier to carry, especially when you have beach toys, an umbrella, a cooler, and more when you go to the beach.

Folding Beach Chair Brands

RIO makes a lot of folding beach chairs and is one of the most popular brands out there. Coleman is also another popular brand, but many of their chairs are made for camping. Ostrich chairs are very popular and comfortable as well. In addition, you can’t forget about Tommy Bahama beach chairs because they are beautiful and high-quality.

Folding Beach Chair Colors

The one thing I do love about all beach chairs though is the colors. If your favorite color is blue, green, red, pink, or yellow, you can find a beach chair to match your favorite color. You can get multiple colors, tropical prints, and even stripes if you want. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are. More likely than not, there is an option available that will suit your needs.

In Summary

Don’t settle for a low-quality beach chair, look for a brand that makes great chairs you can use for years. Durable folding beach chairs will not only last longer, but they will be more comfortable when you do go to the beach. And, you can find options with additional storage features.

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