Four Outdoor Beach Wedding Tips You Must Know

outdoor beach wedding

If you are planning a beach wedding but you aren’t sure what your decorations should look like, then you’ve landed in the right place. Holding a wedding ceremony on a beach is very romantic. The beautiful view of the sky and the area surrounding the beach makes the moment magical. Your décor should enhance the beauty of the coast. Below are 4 different ideas that you can utilize for your beach wedding, and all of them should help you throw the wedding of your dreams.

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Wind: My bonus tip is to remind you how wind is something to consider, you want to choose decorations that won’t be easily affected by a gust of wind. For example, a lot of Beach Weddings now use electric candles, which look real, since the wind tends to blow them out constantly.

Color Scheme

You want choose the colors that you love for your reception. You could go for lighter pastel color varieties like salmon, light yellow, light green, or light blue. If you prefer more of a nautical theme, navy blue or dark blues can resemble the open sea and the sky. Other colors like light brown compliment the natural color of the sand on the beach. If you don’t like these, bright colors like fuchsia and orange shades are also another option. Orange is a good color that compliments the sunset and outshines the rest of the natural colors of the beach. Other color combinations include aqua and orange, beige and pink, or yellow and orange.

As you can tell, there are quite a few options to choose from so start with the colors you like and find shades that will match well. I’ve seen beautiful weddings that solely used greens and white, so it’s a matter of finding the right colors and matching everything.

Use Flowers – I’ve seen this idea before, where you look at Wedding flowers and try to find colors you could see for your big day. Then, you already have flowers that will match your color scheme as well.

Choose a Beach Theme

In most beach weddings, you will see tropical, coastal, marsh, nautical, Hawaiian or a natural nature theme for the reception. With an endless list of decorations to choose from, it’s quite easy incorporating yours with a specific theme. If for instance you plan to go natural on that special day, you should go for natural materials found on the beach like shells.

outdoor-beach-wedding Four Outdoor Beach Wedding Tips You Must Know

All in all though, you want to choose elements that work well together. You don’t want a big nautical anchor standing out at a Hawaiian themed wedding.

The Centerpiece

If you start with the first 2 ideas, they can help guide your final decision on the centerpiece. The centerpiece should entail the general theme and color for the wedding. When looking for a centerpiece, you don’t want something that is too big for visitors to see each other at their table, and it also shouldn’t be too small for people to notice. An example of such is a bucket filled with flowers and the outside painted using the theme color, along with surrounding accents like starfish, anchors, or mini tiki umbrellas. Another good idea of a centerpiece is the use of candles inside a jar full of sand. Since the wind might be an issue at the beach, consider an electric candle instead.

Beach Themed Favors

If you want your visitors to remember your wedding forever, give them a thank you gift for attending your special day. You can have these gifts decorated using a beach theme and have them placed on each table where the guests are going to sit. Of course, this would only work for a reception where there are invited guests only. Such presents could be flip flops, a towel or even customized outdoor beach bottles.

In Conclusion

Months before your wedding, you should visit your venue during the same time the wedding reception will be held in order to get an idea of what it looks like. Most wedding venues that aren’t too private will allow you to dress nicely and walk around a reception for 15 minutes just for ideas.

In addition, work with your venue and look at wedding photos from their past weddings. Some décor and accent ideas might work at one venue but not really match another. Look at a lot of pictures and do not be afraid of using websites like Pinterest to guide your decisions. There are thousands of beautiful wedding ideas on Pinterest so it’s a great way to get designs.

Planning a beach wedding can be cumbersome but not when you do your research and have the right planners and people helping you. If you are on this article then it’s likely that you want a dream wedding, so keep looking at ideas to make sure you have all of your bases covered.

I hope you can plan and enjoy the day of your dreams!

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