How to Create a Coastal Themed Bathroom Design

A great way for you to spruce up your bathroom is to give it a beach theme. You can use your bathroom as a blank canvas to reflect your love for the ocean and everything coastal.

Beach Bathroom Makeover

The extent of your bathroom design makeover is dependent on your budget. You might just want to make small updates or you might want to change everything from the floor to the vanity.

The options for your project are endless. You can choose from different paint colors, tile colors, tile styles, and architectural fixtures.

Before you get started, just remember there are thousands of beach themes you can choose from. The following ideas range from adding simple soft touches all the way to a full-blown bathroom makeover.

Colors and Styles

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The colors throughout your home have a huge impact on its overall appeal. White walls can be very boring, while a soft teal color can really bring your design together. Plus, paint and supplies are not very expensive so you can make changes on a budget.

One of the most important factors is choosing a color that makes you feel like you are surrounded by water. There are so many different colors to choose from that are commonly associated with the beach or the ocean, and most of these are light, summery colors in different hues. Sand colored floors with light to emerald green walls, interspersed with a sunny yellow is a great way to remember the beach. Some individuals might want to go for a more nautical theme such a the dark blue with a red and white stripes.

In addition to painting the walls with colors specific to the beach or the sea, you can also paint seashells, starfish, coral and fish on the wall. Painted accents on your wall can really go a long way.


It’s The Little Touches!

If you want to bring the beach into your bathroom, you can start by looking for soaps and soap dishes that are the shape and color of items you can find in the beach. Some examples include shells, sand dollars, fish, seahorses and many more. You can also look for beach-related soap and lotion dispensers.

For other beach bathroom accent ideas, there are a lot of options from bleached shells, corals and dried starfish to sand dollars and anchors. You can always arrange unique shells on a small tray over some sand or pebbles. You can even pick up some shells and sand from the beach and leave them out to dry for a few days before using them in your bathroom.


You can find many towels with a nautical or beach theme. Using large beach towels in the bathroom is also a great way of reminding yourself of the beach. If you don’t use a beach theme, be sure to find towels that will accent the colors in your bathroom.

Distressed Wood

Distressed wood or drift wood can also lend a beach feel to the bathroom. Some people use distressed wood to frame mirrors or for cabinet door frames. Others use it on the entire wall or to make a nice wood accent wall.

As you can see in the bathroom design below, there are not only coastal themed accents, but the mirror frame is white distressed wood. The colors in this bathroom are beautiful and it is really a great way to make the best use of space.

Kids Bathrooms

Kids bathrooms can be a great place to decorate according to a beach theme. You can use kiddie versions of stickers and decals to create a cartoony beach theme. Colors can be bold and summery for a lively atmosphere. There are even soft covers for faucets to protect the kids which are shaped like sea creatures. You can also stencil crabs, gulls and a seascape on a blank wall to make it interesting. Prints of seashells or sea creatures lined up across a wall can also remind your child of a fun day at the beach.

Bring in the Beach

Designers can also design a beach concept starting with a floor containing actual shells, starfish and smooth stones. This can be the floor for the shower stall or throughout the bathroom. Boulders or stones can also be used to house the tub or the vanity. You can also string a net across your ceiling and place some beach items in it such as a lifesaver, a fake anchor (a real one will be too heavy!), large starfishes and some greenish, glass orbs. You can also use a mosaic of turquoise-colored glass and beads to decorate the frame of your mirror or a picture frame.

A beach cottage feel can also be the concept for the bathroom beach decor ideas. Beach cottages are usually filled with knick-knacks that are picked up from the seaside and brought home. Anything from a bunch of broken coral stems or a variety of large puka shells can be used to highlight a particular area of the sink or bathroom.

In Conclusion:

These are just a few bathroom beach decor ideas that work to bring the beach into your home even when you are quite far from it. You might also like to make the stuff that you bring in from the beach into decorations that you can use in your bathroom.


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