Beach Themed Lighting

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Your seaside cottage can get additional warm glow by adding themed lighting from the latest finishes and styles. Beach décor lighting will add a sandy-friendly, casual style to your family room, den, guest room or any other room in a beach house. You need nautical-themed lighting to add seaside charm to your home office, child’s room or guest bath. Some of the designer beach-themed lighting options include flush mounts, wall lights, pendants, vanity lights, chandeliers and lamps including table, floor and accent styles.

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1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers add distinctive style to your kitchen, dining room, home office or any other room. The designer chandeliers are perfect for adding additional illumination to your daily activities such as entertaining guests, cooking or dining. Chandeliers can act as decorative accessory by adding visual interest, style and color to your coastal home.

2. Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting is an excellent option for people who have an issue with space since they do not take up any space. This is because a fixture is directly inserted into the ceiling. Since they are mostly used as accents in larger spaces like the living room or kitchen, recessed bulbs are most often used in multiples. Although not common, these bulbs can as well be inserted into walls and floors to provide extra brightness in dark spaces.

3. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are smaller fixtures suspended from the ceiling using a metal rod, cord or chain. These lights traditionally include a single light bulb; therefore they don’t cover much ground. Pendant lights come in different styles including globe pendants and drum pendants. This makes it easy to get one that fits your décor needs. Pendant lights work well when trying to showcase a specific, smaller area like a dining room table or a kitchen island.

4. Wall Sconces

A wall sconce refers to any form of wall-mounted light fixture. It offers less vibrant and dimmer illumination and it is therefore mostly used in multiples near a front door or down a hallway.

5. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are primarily used for practicality purposes as opposed to beauty. They offer an excellent way to cool down a room as well as brighten it up. They are mostly used in bedrooms, but can come in handy in any room that has a lot of activity like home gyms and play rooms. They also make perfect outdoor fixtures for a sunroom or covered patio.

6. Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet Lighting fixtures are usually mounted underneath a shelf or cabinet to provide illumination for a specific task. They are mostly placed in kitchen cabinets so as to be used as pinpointed spotlights for cooking. These lighting can however be used to provide accent brightness for your home office or living room shelves.

In Conclusion

With quality craftsmanship and unique styling the above outdoor beach décor lighting options can bring a beachy feel to your space. You can choose from transitional, modern, casual and traditional styles with a wide range of finishes including burnished bronze, translucent glass, weathered wood, antique silver leaf, almond and white wash. With these lighting options, you will be able to experience a coastal casual living wherever you are.

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