Wicker Chairs

wicker chairs

Wicker has become increasingly popular as people start to upgrade their outdoor patios from the usual plastic or metal furniture. Wicker chairs can be used indoors and outdoors to go along with a dining set or as a piece of accent furniture. Not only is wicker durable, but it also looks luxurious and gives our patio and indoor space an instant upgrade. Wicker chairs go great around your dining table or they go well for seating in a living room or a sun room. We decided here at Beachfront Decor to put together a list of our favorite wicker chairs so you can upgrade your home today.

It’s obvious that wicker furniture is not limited just to beach settings and it can go well whether you live on a snowy mountain or a tropical paradise. Keep in mind that quality is many times tied in with price. Lower priced products might be made with synthetic plastic wicker rather than authentic rattan wicker. My one tip is to protect cushions from the outdoor elements and to keep your wicker out of the rain, whether that means a covered porch or the use of furniture covers. If you are going to spend money on outdoor furniture, you definitely want to make sure it is protected from the elements.

If you need more than just chairs, you can check out our ultimate guide to wicker furniture.

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How to Choose Wicker Chairs

Whether you are looking for wicker dining chairs, lounge chairs, or wicker rocking chairs, or another style, we give you some different tips below.

Wicker Chair Colors

Wicker comes in colors from black to white, which includes dark brown, light brown, beige, and grey. You obviously want your new wicker chair to match your dining set so keep that in mind when you buy them. If you are just buying the chairs for seating, make sure it matches the rest of your home decor and doesn’t sway from your color scheme. Some of the options above come in multiple colors so make sure you browse them to see all the varieties.

Wicker Chair Quality

I mentioned it above but quality is so important when you are picking out any furniture. A $100 wicker chair is generally more comfortable and durable than the $50 wicker chair. You want to look for PE Rattan Wicker, which is made from high quality wood and interlocked for ultimate comfort. Online reviews can help you guide your buying decision as many of the options above have plenty of reviews.

Furniture Shape

Some wicker chairs take on your normal square chair shape while others are rounded and have lower backs. You want to keep in mind the shape so you can pick the right chairs for your table. Some wicker chairs might even have arm and elbow rests so you may want to get a few of those for the table ends.

Chair Height and Width

You might want to look at the overall height of the chairs if you want something with a higher back that goes up to the tops of your shoulders. In addition, noting the width is important so you don’t buy 8 chairs and find out that several won’t fit at your dining table because it is too small.

In Summary

Here at Beachfront Decor we want to make sure you find the right furniture for you, so make sure you read through our tips and browse our products to make the right selection. Wicker chairs can be a difficult decision because there are so many varieties in terms of style and quality. All in all, you want to find the right colored product and a style that matches and enhances the rest of your decor.

I love wicker chairs because I believe they are luxurious and make your backyard feel like an outdoor resort. Get rid of your old plastic table and upgrade to a brand new wicker dining set with nice chairs today, you will love to entertain friends and family in your upgraded backyard space.

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