Kids Beach Bedding & Coastal Kids Bedding

kids beach bedding

In order to be selected for this list, we chose kids beach bedding that we felt could fit in almost any child’s room. Some of the options are fit for toddlers while others might work for children under 15. Many of our favorite kids beach themed bedding sets could work while they are 10 until they turn 18, so they will be perfect long-term.

Here at Beachfront Decor, we have a huge variety of beach bedding sets that work well for beach homes. We have sets that come in all sizes, in every style, and prices ranging from low to high. These are our kids beach bedding and comforter sets that will suit your home perfectly. We started by listing our favorite kids coastal bedding sets and then we have a huge list of all the options on our website.

Kids Beach Bedding

We listed some of our favorite kids beach bedding sets for sale at Beachfront Decor. We included kids beach comforters, quilts, duvet covers, sheets, and more. You can find matching throw pillows as well to tie the entire design together.


Favorite Kids Beach Bedding Sets

We decided to list our absolute favorite bedding, quilt, and comforter sets that would work well in a kids bedroom so you can be comfortable in your dream design. All of the bedding is playful and we of course love the options that we selected. Pictured above are some of our absolute favorite beach bedding sets for kids bedrooms but we have listed the rest below. All of the ones below will work great in any coastal home or bedroom.

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Choosing Kids Beach Bedding

Shopping for a new bedding set can be extremely difficult because of the amount of options you have nowadays both in store and online. You can pretty much find whatever it is you are looking for to suit your needs. But how do you properly shop for a bedding set online? How can you be sure that your purchase is high-quality and won’t wear and tear after short term use?

Here at Beachfront Decor, we put together only high-quality bedding sets that we would purchase for our own homes (Some of them we currently use!). You want to be an informed shopper so you can create the perfect relaxing space for your child so they can get a good nights sleep. After all, kids can have difficult falling asleep, which can hinder their health and your sleep patterns as well.

Kids Beach Bedding Patterns

You can either choose between more neutral-colored comforters or patterns. Some of the printed designs can contain a lot of colors and different beach and ocean themes while neutral comforters are usually colored with calm colors and maybe a few accents. In a bedroom with a lot of different decor like accents, artwork, wall decor, lamps, and more, you might want something more neutral and clean.

Bedding Personality

You want to find a bedding set that fits your child’s personality and interests. Does your child love fun dolphins jumping around in the water? Do they prefer a cute seahorse or starfish pattern? Do they like mermaids and would that fit as their bedding set? No matter what, you should be able to reflect your child’s favorite fish or beach themes into the bedding set. Your kids coastal bedding set should match what they love.

Bedding Color

You can’t clash colors in a room so choosing the bedding set based on the room color is highly recommended. You also want to select colors that both you and your child enjoy, so they don’t feel uncomfortable when going to bed. Kids beach bedding colors range from neutral to bright and bold. If you have a brighter color scheme with colors like blue, green, and yellow, you should be able to find a bedding set featuring mermaids, fish, or seashells that would work perfectly in a coastal home.

Bedding Fabric

Two things you want to pay attention to is the softness of the comforter and the thread count of the sheets. A higher thread count for the sheets will make them more comfortable and easy to lay under, while a softer sheet will lead to better sleep as well. Some of the popular fabrics include silk, cotton, polyester, and cotton blends.

Bedding Size

Is your bed a twin, full, double, queen, or king? You need to fit the bedding size to the bed so you don’t get a comforter and sheets that simply don’t fit. We have a lot of kids twin beach bedding listed above because they tend to be popular.

Bedding Price

I highly recommend paying for something more expensive that will last for years to come rather than something cheaper that will wear away right away. If you can find something more on the expensive side that will last forever then that is probably your best option. After all, you get what you pay for so it will look more beautiful and be more comfortable.

In Summary

Your child’s sleep is extremely important and the bedding set plays an important part. You don’t need to spend tons of money in order to give your child a comforter and bedding that works great for them. Not only can you have colors that match but you can also feature beach themes. That’s why you want to buy one of the kids beach bedding sets above as soon as possible.

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