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When you are in Hawaii or planning a party somewhere near the tropical beach, there’s nothing quite like throwing a Luau. Let’s face it, you might want to throw a Luau thousands of miles away from the beach because it can be such a fun time to have with people. After all, who really has a bad time at an event that usually features roasted pork, beer, alcohol, entertainment, and games? But where are you going to find Luau Party Decorations? Luckily, we have you covered below with everything you need.

Luau Party Decorations




More Luau Decor

Below, you will find a ton of traditional things you will need to get started with your Luau. All of these products will help you tremendously. The best thing is that there are a lot of cheap luau decorations so you won’t have to break the bank to throw your party.


Planning Your Luau Party

Luau’s can really be thrown anywhere that you have a huge open space. I remember growing up and going to an annual Luau in New Jersey with my parents, so they aren’t a party that is just limited to Hawaii. You might want to theme your child’s birthday with this fun party decoration option and we do not blame you whatsoever.

Below are all the things you should keep in mind as you plan your party and get all of the decorations.

How to Find Luau Decorations

Here at Beachfront Decor, we carry a lot of Luau beach party decorations that are not only affordable but also perfect for your party. Whether you need Leis, backdrops, tree skirts, or more, we probably have it along with a variety.

Outdoor Space for Party

You need a large amount of outdoor space because you want to set-up tents for when people are eating and you want a lot of room for entertainment, games, and cooking. The more space you have the more activities you can do and guests you can invite.

Party Headcount

How many people are coming to your party? You want to make sure you have leis for everyone and whatever else you need that your guests might use. In addition, knowing how many people are coming will help to understand exactly how much you need when it comes to party supplies.

Luau Theme

Do you want to go with more of a palm tree theme or a hibiscus flower theme? Or are you looking for something with a tiki theme? Either way it can help to know ahead of time so you know exactly what to buy.

Luau Colors

A luau can be a rainbow themed in color but you might want to go with one strong color like orange and an accent color like light blue that accents it well. Most of the colors associated with tropical luaus are very bright and tropical.


– A luau is not complete with a whole set of different colored leis. Every person at the party should have them around their neck. You can find colors like red, blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, and more.

Entertainment and Music

Having a lot of music in the background, especially music featuring ukulele and drum performances is something you absolutely need to do. You want people up dancing and doing the hula, a Polynesian dance usually accompanied with a chant. The hula is a dance that is done often on the Hawaiian islands.

Luau Party Ideas and Games

Every Luau needs games for guests of all ages. The games below can be played by almost anyone, and you can even put people into games based on their age groups.


It’s fun to do the limbo and we have a few products you can buy to successfully complete this game. The limbo works for people of all ages so you can have a competition for kids and a competition for the adults too.

Egg Toss

This one is a little bit unique but the egg toss can be very fun. You have people pair up and toss the egg, take a step back, and repeat that process over and over. See what pair can toss it the furthest without breaking. You want to play this on grass of course!

Hula Hoop

Get a bunch of hula hoops that people can play with all day long or that you can have a competition with. Hula hoops are fun for people of all ages at a Luau.

Pass The Coconut

Just like hot potato except you use a coconut! Have everyone seated in a circle and play some Hawaiian music as you pass the coconut. When the music stops, the person with the coconut is out.

‘Ulu Maika (Similar to Lawn Bowling)

When you play ‘Ulu Maika, you want to set-up two stakes and roll your stone through from about 10-20 feet away. It can be difficult to find this game outside of Hawaii so lawn bowling will suffice as well. Pineapple bowling can also be very fun so you can use pineapple pins.

Potato Sack Races

Get a huge set of potato sacks and do an old fashioned potato sack race. Try to find Hawaiian themes for this game to make it feel like a Luau.

In Summary

As you can tell by now, a Luau is a traditional Hawaiian party that involves food, entertainment, dancing, leis, music, and more. You will want to do a hula dance wearing your leis while eating roasted pig. It is meant to be a large and fun party with a great time to be had by all, and you don’t need to be right next to the ocean to have one (Although it does make it better).

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