Mason Jar Wedding Favors

mason jar wedding favors

Mason jar wedding favors are definitely one of the best options for wedding favors you give to your loved one and friends. In a nutshell, mason jars are practical, attractive, easy to package and transport from one place to the another. You can also find different mason jars to impress those you intend to invite to your wedding reception. We go through some of the absolute best mason jar wedding favors below and then further down you will find all the different options you have.

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Mason Jar Wedding Favors


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Types of Mason Jar Favors

One option is that labeled mason jars with lids can indeed be some of the most ideal mason jar wedding favors you could decide to use. You definitely have a lot of choices when it comes to the exact designs you can use for your wedding or party. It can range from bridal designs, rustic prints, vintage prints, nautical prints to name a few of the options. Best of all, these products come with handy lids, the better to secure the wedding favors you offer to your loved ones and friends.

Mason Jar Mug Favors

Mason jar mugs can effortlessly compliment all facets of your wedding favors ceremony in ways you may have never thought possible. They come with distinctive handles that makes handling them to be a breeze. Also, you can cram them to the brim with virtually any wedding favor you have in mind. From old fashioned candy to scented votive candles and everything in between. This definitely means they can be the perfect and heartfelt thank you gift you could ever settle for.

Mason Jar Shot Glasses

These are versatile and exquisite wedding favors. If you wish, you can as well personalize them with your monogram or even your wedding details. This way, all the guests you invite to your wedding will always remember it for many years to come, every time they use their mason jar.

Mason Jar Drinks

On a parting shot, you could settle for mason jars with lids and straws for your wedding favors’ packaging. These items can be excellent if you want to give your guests a timeless souvenir to remember your coastal wedding.

Personalized Mason Jar Wedding Favors

You can purchase mason jars and create custom clear labels to put on each of the jars. Otherwise, there are options when you want to give people a lasting memory from your wedding. You can go directly to a company that will make you custom mason jar favors to give as gifts.

Mini Mason Jar Wedding Favors

The majority of favors are mini mason jar wedding favors because they are an easier gift to manage when you have hundreds of guests. If you are using full-sized mason jars to give to your guests, you will have to plan to pack them and bring them on your wedding day or beforehand if possible. Mini mason jar favors on the other hand are much easier to give as gifts.

Mason Jar Bridal Shower Favors

For the most part, mason jar bridal shower favors are going to be made for women. The only other difference is that you want the theme to be geared around your bridal shower, rather than your wedding.

In Summary

When you are looking for mason jar wedding favors, the options above are absolutely perfect. Whether you want small mason jars filled with candies or personalized mugs for coffee, we have a huge variety. Now you can give your guests the gifts they will be happy to go home with.

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