Mermaid Bedding Sets & Comforter Sets

mermaid bedding sets

It can be difficult to find a complete list of mermaid bedding sets at your local store. While they may have several mermaid bedspreads, they won’t have a huge collection of mermaid themed comforters, duvet covers, and quilts.

That’s exactly why we created the ultimate guide to mermaid bedding. Not only do we list our favorite mermaid quilts, mermaid sheets, and comforters, but we also list little mermaid bedding sets as well. In addition, we have provided buying and decorating tips for the bedding sets in your bedrooms. Whether you are looking for a new mermaid crib bedding set, kids comforter, or adult quilt, we have you covered below.

Mermaid Bedding For Sale

We have listed some of our absolute favorite mermaid themed bedding sets and options below. Whether you love ocean mermaids, the little mermaid by Disney or some combination of both, the comforters, quilts, and sheets we have are perfect.



Little Mermaid Bedding Sets

If you are looking for children’s beach bedding, little mermaid bedding and comforter sets are perfect. Not only do kids love The Little Mermaid, they will also love Ariel on the bedding sets in their room.



Mermaid Crib Bedding For Sale

One popular option when it comes to your baby’s crib is a mermaid nursery bedding set. Girls mermaid bedding is beautiful, so it would look wonderful in a nursery.




Mermaid Comforter Sets

Mermaid themed comforters and comforter sets are comfortable and beautiful. You can find comforters that feature mermaid prints, scales, tales, and more.



Mermaid Duvet Covers

There are a lot of different mermaid themed duvet cover sets you can choose from. You can choose between twin mermaid duvet covers, full, queen, king, and even Cal king. We listed some of our favorite options for sale below.



Mermaid Tail Blankets

Mermaid tail blankets are perfect for kids. You can mix and match them with a mermaid bedding set above and everything in the bedroom will match. In addition, mermaid blankets with tails can be used in the living room and all over the house.





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Mermaid Bedroom Ideas

Below are some of our favorite mermaid bedroom designs and ideas that you can use. Take these designs and implement them into your own little girl’s bedroom.

1. Tropical Mermaid Bedroom

tropical-mermaid-bedroom Mermaid Bedding Sets & Comforter Sets


2. Eclectic Mermaid Bedroom

eclectic-mermaid-bedroom Mermaid Bedding Sets & Comforter Sets


3. Dove Shell Project

dove-shell-project-mermaid-bedroom-art-prints Mermaid Bedding Sets & Comforter Sets
Design by: L K DeFrances & Associates


4. Mermaid Beach Glam Bungalow

mermaid-beach-glam-bungalow Mermaid Bedding Sets & Comforter Sets
Design by: Lauren Christine Henno


5. Mermaid Themed Bedroom Residence

mermaid-themed-bedroom-chatham-residence Mermaid Bedding Sets & Comforter Sets
Design by: James Glover Residential & Interior Design


6. Girls Mermaid Bedroom

girls-mermaid-bedroom-design Mermaid Bedding Sets & Comforter Sets
Design by: Mary Shipley Interiors


7. Mermaid Bedding Collection

Mermaid-Bedding-Collection-Pillowfort%E2%84%A2 Mermaid Bedding Sets & Comforter Sets
Design by: Target Home


Mermaid Bedding Sizes

Mermaid bedding tends to come in smaller sizes like crib, twin, full, and double because it is so popular for girl’s rooms when they are children. There are adult options as well in sizes like king and queen but you will definitely find smaller sizes. So if you are looking for a mermaid bedding twin comforter set, it will be easier to find, especially if it’s The Little Mermaid themed.

Mermaid Bedding Accessories

You also want to look for mermaid bed skirts, pillow shams, drapes, canopies, runners, and scarves to match with your bedding set. You can quickly transform your boring bedroom in a tropical mermaid paradise by selecting the right accessories. If you can combine matching throw pillows as well it will complete the bedroom set and look perfect.

Popular Mermaid Bedding Brands

Some of the most popular mermaid bedding brands include Disney, Olive Kids, Snuggie, Society6, Sookie, Karalai Bedding Collection, and more. We have combined our favorite mermaid comforter sets from websites like Amazon, Wayfair, PotteryBarn, and more.

In Summary

Hopefully you are able to find a new mermaid bedding set for your home. Whether you have a beach home or a love of The Little Mermaid, the post above should be a great resource. Instead of going to the store and hoping to find new mermaid comforters, quilts, sheets, shams, pillowcases, and more, look above and get the exact color you want. In addition, we have crib mermaid bedding sets all the way up to adult options with everything in between.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Our goal is to meet your needs so if you are looking for something specific you can always contact us. Thanks for visiting Beachfront Decor and we appreciate your support. We always love it when people share so if you enjoyed please help others find our article!

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