100+ Mermaid Home Decor Ideas

mermaid home decor

There are lots of mermaid home décor ideas to consider. You can make a splash with custom mermaid home decor on the walls of your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Besides, you can also use it to bring an irresistibly mind-blowing touch to your outdoor décor. We put together a list of over 100 mermaid decor ideas so you can find exactly what you are trying to find for your home.

Mermaid Home Decor


Beach Wall Decor

Be a Mermaid Box Sign Primitives By Kathy


How to Choose Mermaid Home Decor

A mermaid is a fabled marine creature with a tail of a fish and an upper body of a woman. You must have heard it in the folklore of many cultures around the world. Most people associate mermaids with sailors but the most remarkable of all is that homeowners and interior designers now use it for home décor. Perhaps, mermaid home décor can elevate the appeal of any home by bringing an under the sea’ effect. Imagine how it feels to have a beautifully carved creature with outstretched arms like a starfish, a face with a pretty nice seashell accent and flowing hair.

Mermaid Wall Decor


Mermaid wall decor can add radiance and bring a glimmering effect to your walls. Even if you have dark-painted walls, mermaid wall art can lighten it up. The coastal theme captivates you and takes your spirits somewhere beneath the sea waves. Depending on your style and existing wall décor, you’ll always find something unique to spice up your interiors. It could be any type of mermaid themed wall decor including wall art, clocks, decals, aprons, photographs, other photo prints and many more.

Mermaid Bedding Sets


Beach Bedding & Comforter Sets

Society6 Blue Mermaid Comforter Set


If you need to upgrade the look for your bedroom, mermaid bedding sets can be used to add charm to any bedroom in your home. You can feature mermaid décor ideas in your bedding sets, comforters, quilts, duvet covers, sheets, throw pillows, shams, and other bedding accessories. With beautifully appliqued and professional embroidery, you can customize your mermaid bedding décor to for a layered and gorgeous appeal. Experience the calming feeling of diving and swimming in the sea every time you go to bed. You can use the mermaid theme to soothe kids to sleep by incorporating it to your kids’ bedroom.

Mermaid Outdoor Decor

Take the fun outdoors and complete your nautical fantasy by gracing your home outdoors with outdoor mermaid décor. There are unlimited accents and accessories to choose and spruce up your beach-inspired home. Any theme is achievable and you can match it with the ones inside your home or try something unique. It can be a statute in your lawn or garden, weatherproof print or any other whimsical decoration in your patio, deck or porch. With a vibrant rustic blue theme of the sea, mermaid outdoor décor always bring merriment that will delight guests and visitors. It is a theme that never fades.

In Summary

Mermaids a graceful, robust, yet delicate creature that can inspire your imaginations. It can evoke your senses and bring feelings of romance and adventure. With mermaid’s striking features, you can improve both indoor and outdoor appeal of your home. And if you are a fan of The Little Mermaid, we have plenty of home decor above to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

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