Nautical Bathroom Decor

Nautical themes and decorations can transform your house completely. The bathroom is one area that can look much better with the right nautical bathroom decor. There is a lot that can go into a nautical bathroom theme, so you aren’t limited to specific styles or themes. We listed some of our favorite products for sale below that would look great in a nautical style bathroom.

How to Choose Nautical Bathroom Decor

It’s easy to decorate all the parts and rooms of your house. But, nautical bathroom decor ideas may be a little confusing. Because you just can’t hang anything in a bathroom. You should know – what goes well with the nautical bathroom theme.

That’s why this article is here to help you. The article will give you some mesmerizing nautical bathroom ideas. So, read the article below.

8 Nautical Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Nautical Bathroom Wall Decorations

You should always use wood to decorate the walls. You can design small wooden shelves. A round mirror looks also great in your bathroom. You can keep the mirror inside a boat wheel frame. Your bathroom’s wall must have small fishnets, shells, boat pedals, ropes, starfishes and artificial fish.

Nautical Color Schemes

Navy Blue is the perfect color for your nautical bathroom decoration. But, you can also use white and navy blue combination. Apart from that, ‘white and red’ is another great combination to color your bathroom. You can also paint with blue and white stripes. It will give your bathroom the ‘Panama’ look.

For example- You can use a ship rope or a wooden boat pedal to hang your clothes in the bathroom.

Nautical Bathroom Signs

At last, don’t forget to hang some great sayings on a wooden board. You can say – “Captain’s Bathroom” or “Boat House Bathroom”. So, take inspiration from the above ideas and design your nautical bathroom patiently.

Nautical Vanity Lights and Wall Sconces

Some people ignore the importance of lights. But lights are truly important to make your nautical bathroom design realistic. So, don’t use ultramodern lights. Try to use metal caged lights. Round shaped lights can also look great. Metal wall sconces and bath bars can also complete your nautical bathroom’s theme.

Coastal Themed Flooring

The floor of your bathroom should have a wooden look. So, choose grey tiles or dull tiles. A dull and rustic floor looks better in a nautical bathroom.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Try to install an oval bathtub in your bathroom. Then, surround the bathing area with many small beach accessories (start fishes, wooden anchors, small pedals, etc). You should paint the bathtub area with navy blue. Just make a little circular window (with fixed transparent glass) in the bath area. That’s it your guests will surely remember your bathroom.

Small and Cute Anchor Accessories

You can use anchor impressions/prints in many places inside your bathroom. You can use it on – toothbrush holders, carpets, bath towels, curtains, and in more places.

Additional Nautical Bathroom Products

Apart from that, a small sail boat, a small light house, a black and white photo, a life ring, a whale tail are also some attractive accessories. Moreover, distressed furniture can add more charm to your nautical bathroom. You can keep – a distressed wooden cabinet, a trash can, or a wooden basket.

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