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Nautical clocks are one of those decorations that can transform the whole look of your living room or office. If you find the perfect design, nautical wall clocks can add the much needed touch of elegance your home decor has been lacking all along. Luckily, there are many types and designs of small and large nautical clocks for sale, and we listed our favorites below.

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Types of Nautical Clocks

We listed some different types of nautical themed clocks below that are common at beach shops. You can find different types of clocks that represent portholes, ship wheels, anchors, feature nautical rope, have seashells, and more.

Ship Wheel Wall Clocks

Picture this: A ship wheel with a working nautical clock on it! If you love ships, boats, or the open waters in general, you will find this nautical clock a work of art. The wheel may be smaller than the ones found on the big ships, but it definitely looks like one. It gives a unique look to any wall you put it on; plus you get to show it off to everyone who sees it!

Anchor Clocks

An anchor is a very important component of a boat or ship. Every time an anchor is dropped, another successful journey into the open waters is completed. An anchor is therefore closely tied to the success of any boat or ship trip into the open waters. Put that together with a wall clock and you have something that is not only a joy to look at but also a thought-inspiring piece of art.

Map Themed Clocks

Maps are another important tool for anyone taking a boat or ship into the waters. It guides you to your destination and helps you avoid potential dangers along the route. We have a variety of map-themed clocks with different maps to choose from. They also come in different shapes and sizes.

Boat Themed Clocks

There are many different kinds of boats for boat lovers to choose from. Bowriders, center console boats, houseboats, speedboats, and fishing boats are just a few types. There are plenty of boat themed nautical wall clocks available to cater for fans and owners of different kinds of boats.

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