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Nautical Duvet Covers and Coverlets For Your Bedroom

Duvet covers are extremely popular and we as consumers have too many options to choose from sometimes. It can be overwhelming trying to find certain styles, sizes, colors, and material that fits your needs and budget. What do you do if you want nautical duvet covers for your coastal home? It’s not exactly easy to go from store to store while checking prices with limited options. It is much easier to have a nice blog article with tons of nautical bedding in one place.

Luckily, we put together a list of our absolute favorite nautical duvet covers for your beach home. They can be great bedding options for a Master bedroom or a kids bedroom. The designs and styles you put into your bedroom can have a huge impact on the overall feel of the room. You can provide the refreshing appearance of the outdoors into your room. From the tropical designed beach having palm trees to the island beach along with lone rocks, you can create just the atmosphere you want in your room.

Nautical Duvet Covers

We have listed some of our absolute favorite nautical duvet covers below. Whether you love rustic, vintage, contemporary, or modern themes, we have you covered.


Buying Duvet Covers

All of the covers above are simply amazing. You may find it hard to pick one but at least all of the nautical options are in one place. You will see styles including anchors, stripes, lighthouses, compasses, ship wheels, pirates, and more. Depending on what you are looking for, you should be able to find something.

Styles of Nautical Duvet Covers

You may also obtain the nautical duvet covers with the water crashing on rocks with antiquated houses within the ridges. In addition, you can look for striped or plaid options. The lovely patterns that are available may leave you unsure of just what to go for. We tried to include the most popular nautical themes and patterns above so that should help. If you were looking for something more ocean themed we have beach duvet covers as well.

Nautical Bedroom

A nautical bedding set in general makes your bed more elegant and presentable. You can choose from great selections of nautical duvet covers that could make your room even prettier. You can match decorations in your room as well. Some considerations include pillow shams, throw pillows, and the curtains around your room. If you can make everything flow with similar designs in a nice color scheme, you will love your new bedroom.

We believe here at Beachfront Decor that a beautiful bedding set will help give you better sleep at night. By adding relaxing vibes and elegant decor to your coastal home, you can feel like you never leave the ocean. On hot days of summer or the cooler days of winter, the right ambiance will help you relax and unwind. Sleeping is the best way to relieve stress in between days on the boat at sea or days in a lounge chair at the beach.

Styles and Designs of Nautical Duvet Covers

Nautical duvet covers come in a variety of styles and designs, allowing you to find the perfect match for your personal taste and bedroom decor. Some popular options include:

Stripes and Anchors

Embrace a classic nautical look with duvet covers featuring bold stripes or charming anchor motifs.

Marine Life

Dive into a world of marine wonders with duvet covers adorned with seashells, starfish, or intricate coral patterns.

Nautical Maps

Capture the spirit of exploration and adventure with duvet covers that showcase vintage nautical maps.

Sailboat and Lighthouse

Infuse your bedroom with a coastal charm by choosing duvet covers showcasing sailboats, lighthouses, or coastal landscapes.

Materials for Nautical Duvet Covers

Nautical duvet covers are available in a range of materials, each offering its unique advantages. Some common options include:


Soft and breathable, cotton duvet covers provide comfort and are easy to care for.


Known for its natural texture and durability, linen duvet covers add an element of luxury to your bedding.


Lightweight and hypoallergenic, microfiber duvet covers offer easy maintenance and a smooth, wrinkle-resistant surface.

Care Tips for Nautical Duvet Covers

To keep your nautical duvet cover looking fresh and vibrant, follow these care tips:

Regular Washing

Launder your duvet cover according to the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain its quality.

Gentle Cycle and Mild Detergent

Use a gentle cycle and mild detergent to avoid damaging the fabric.

Avoid Bleach

Steer clear of bleach or harsh chemicals that can fade the colors and weaken the fabric.

Sun-Drying or Low Heat

Whenever possible, air-dry your duvet cover in the sun or use a low-heat setting in the dryer to prevent shrinkage.

Enhancing Your Bedroom with Nautical Duvet Covers

Nautical duvet covers serve as a centerpiece in your bedroom decor, allowing you to create a cohesive and inviting space. Consider these ideas for enhancing your bedroom with nautical duvet covers:

Layered Bedding

Combine your nautical duvet cover with coordinating sheets, pillows, and throws to achieve a cohesive and stylish look.

Color Palette

Choose complementary colors that reflect the soothing hues of the sea, such as blues, whites, and sandy neutrals.

Accents and Accessories

Complete the nautical theme by adding decorative elements like anchor-shaped throw pillows, seashell wall art, or rope-inspired curtain tiebacks.

Benefits of Nautical Duvet Covers

Nautical duvet covers offer several benefits that contribute to a comfortable and visually appealing bedroom:


The calming colors and coastal motifs of nautical duvet covers create a tranquil atmosphere, promoting relaxation and better sleep.


Nautical duvet covers can complement various interior design styles, from coastal and beach-inspired themes to contemporary and modern aesthetics.

Easy Refresh

Switching to a nautical duvet cover is a simple and cost-effective way to update the look and feel of your bedroom without a complete makeover.

Nautical Duvet Covers for Different Bedroom Themes

Nautical duvet covers can seamlessly blend with different bedroom themes. Here are some examples:

Coastal Retreat

Embrace the essence of a coastal retreat by incorporating nautical duvet covers with shell motifs, subtle beach-inspired patterns, or shades of blue and white.

Modern Nautical

Create a modern nautical theme by pairing a striped nautical duvet cover with sleek, minimalist furniture and crisp white accents.

Rustic Coastal

Combine the warmth of rustic elements, such as weathered wood furniture, with a nautical duvet cover featuring natural textures or marine-inspired prints.

Where to Purchase Nautical Duvet Covers

Nautical duvet covers are available at various retailers, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Consider exploring home decor stores, department stores, or online marketplaces that offer a wide selection of bedding options. Don’t forget to check customer reviews and ratings to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Sizing Guide for Nautical Duvet Covers

To ensure a perfect fit for your bed, refer to the following sizing guide when purchasing a nautical duvet cover:

Twin: 68 inches x 86 inches
Full/Double: 76 inches x 86 inches
Queen: 86 inches x 86 inches
King: 102 inches x 86 inches

Duvet Cover Care

You can lengthen the age of your duvet cover by caring for it properly. Make sure you follow the instructions on the tag, clean your duvet cover regularly, and avoid using food or drink while using it. If you dry it with the heat of the sun outdoors it will last longer usually than putting it in the dryer. You want to always keep it in a dry and clean bedroom. Even allowing a dog to lay on it might cause permanent staining or odor.

In Summary

We are always on the hunt for new bedding sets and when we can find nautical duvet covers we love it’s perfect. This article will stay updated so feel free to share or visit it to see new products. Feel free to contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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