Nautical Nursery Decor & Nautical Baby Decorations

Nautical nursery decor is a great option for your new baby when you live near the ocean. If you want to create a beautiful nursery, then you need the right nautical themed decorations. You can start with nautical crib bedding sets, nautical wall decor, and more to create a seaside escape for your baby.

Creating a Nautical Themed Nursery

The nautical design has been a popular decor choice for sometime. We commonly see it in hallways, bathrooms, washrooms and living rooms but recently, due to its elegant and classy style, we have seen it spread into more indoor and even outdoor spaces. With this in mind we are excited to share our decorations for nautical nursery with you, because we think, like us, you will love it.

Combining Nautical Nursery Decorations with Furniture

The style starts with bright white walls, which is always a great choice in nurseries as they promote natural light which babies need. Also, generally, nurseries tend to be smaller rooms so the crisp white can make the space seem so much bigger. You can then pair that with antique, rustic or worn furniture to give that authentic nautical feel.

Nautical Colors

Nautical nursery decor has a beautiful contrasting color palette of deep navy blues and bright bold reds making it also a unisex decor option. However, you can still incorporate different shades of blue for a nautical baby boys bedroom and different shades of pink for a nautical baby girls bedroom.

Nautical Baby Decor Ideas

Some great products that match with nautical nursery ideas include big anchors, fish netting draped from the ceiling, shells and sand ornaments , gorgeous bottles, antique and rustic ship wheels, old fashioned or modern lighthouses, compasses that can be antiques or canvas designs, big portholes and even porthole windows, smooth oars, cute sailboats, a range of fishing decor, and so much more.

Why You Should Use Nautical Nursery Decorations

? A nautical baby room style can really be a calm and tranquil space, bringing the soothing nature of the crisp blue ocean inside. And, you can use recycled and reclaimed furniture. With just a few key added pieces you can recreate this design style on a lower budget, or buy some big new eye catching pieces and really push the boat out. Our range includes quality wall art, wooden décor, bold prints, soft furnishings and so much more. We are confident you will fall in love with it, as we have.

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