Nautical Outdoor Decor

Looking for a nautical design inspiration for your outdoor space can be difficult at times. You want to find something that is classy and unique. A style that we love is the nautical theme but it is more commonly seen as an indoor design choice. We have some beautiful outdoor nautical decor below that will make you rethink that idea.

Why Choose a Nautical Patio Design?

Nautical outdoor decor can really make your outside patio area have that coastal vibe, whether you live near the beach or just want to have that holiday feeling in your back yard. Using distressed furniture and styles you can make your older furniture fit with the design whilst adding some newer pieces from our decorations for nautical patio range to really get that quayside feel.

Nautical Color Palette

The color palette is also nice for an outside space, crisp bright whites, contrasting with deep navy blues and stark bold reds. You can use strong printed patterns to make the white really pop making it seem bright, open, and airy whilst having that added comfort and softness.

Nautical Themed Outdoor Decorations

There is such a huge range of pieces to choose from too, you can really let your own style flair when deciding between styles from anchors, crafted ship wheels, old lighthouses, aged compasses, dated portholes, smooth wooden oars, traditional or modern sailboats, fishing decor, and so much more.

Use Rope Outdoors

Another key nautical outdoor ideas include ropes and knots. You can really add a lot of detail to your patio, planters, tables, and walls with thick fishing ropes, loose knots, and ties that loop and bring amazing textures. And don’t forget you can add a little beachside with our shells, sand, beach decor range. You really won’t be disappointed with how you can transform your outdoor space.

In Summary

You can’t go wrong when you are incorporating nautical design themes outdoors and indoors. If you live near the beach or the coast, you want anchors and nautical decor to match your surroundings. That way, whether it’s a rainy day or a beautiful beach day, you can feel like you are on the sand while watching the waves.

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