Nautical Pillows and Nautical Throw Pillows

nautical pillows

Nautical Throw Pillows are an underrated aspect of nautical décor that can really go a long way. When it comes to decorating your coastal beach home, you’ll want to look high and far for the right ocean elements and colors to help your room pop. If you have a beach theme throughout and you can incorporate something like a blue and red starfish throw pillow into your décor.

You usually want to use throw pillows on sofas, living room chairs, and beds. Depending on your kitchen table, I have seen them used in kitchens with restaurant-booth style tables. You can also find outdoor versions if you have a teak or wicker patio furniture set.

Nautical Throw Pillows

We started by listing some of our favorite nautical pillows. They are all top-rated and you can mix and match pillow designs, colors, and themes to fit your interior design scheme.


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How to Choose Nautical Throw Pillows

Pillow Color

More important than anything else is the color. You can either choose soft colors that blend with the rest of your décor or look to use your throw pillows for a pop of color. If you have a white couch, using colorful throw pillows can be a great idea. However, in a white cottage beach home, you might just want to use a white pillow with a soft beach element on it.

Pillow Design

If you are using a specific beach themed element in your design like starfish, anchors, sand dollars, crabs, or seashells, you want to keep that design going with your pillows. Otherwise, you can look for different patterns and colors that would match the room you are decorating in your beach house.

Pillow Quality

Look for quality over quantity. You don’t need 10 throw pillows, but rather 2-4 pillows that can help highlight your beach décor and make your interior design be something people envy.

Pillow Comfort

You end up using throw pillows a lot to lean on or even rest your head on, so comfort is an important quality you don’t want to forget. Sometimes spending the extra few dollars for a comfortable toss pillow becomes worth it immediately.

Pillow Patterns

You want to avoid patterned throw pillow designs on patterned couches, and vice versa. A bold white couch is accented nicely by a blue pattern throw pillow, but a floral couch might look better with just a bold color rather than adding it more designs and colors to the color pallet.

Nautical Pillows vs. Nautical Pillow Covers

One benefit of using Pillow Covers is they are generally easier to clean and maintain as you can always just replace the pillow and clean the cover. However, pillows many times are more luxurious and comfortable if you buy a high-quality option. All in all, both have their benefits and drawbacks so just keep in mind you have an option for both.

In Summary

Hopefully, you find the nautical throw pillow of your dreams here at Beachfront Décor. We aim to give you our favorite options so you can create the design in your beach house that you desire. As far as beach home toss pillows, you won’t get or find many better options than the ones listed above.

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Nautical Pillows and Nautical Throw Pillows

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