Nautical Wall Decor

6 Ideas for Nautical Wall Decorations

There’s something about the sea that soothes the spirit instantly. Whether it’s those combinations of whites, blues and tones of red or the rustic essence – nautical wall decor ideas add so much charm to a room while keeping it minimal at the same time. Here are 6 nautical wall decor ideas to celebrate the coastal charm.

Seashell and Coral Wall Decor

Transform the walls into an astonishing nautical prettiness with seashells and corals. You can stick assorted shells to fabric, or wood and frame the same to hang on the wall. Using shells yo decorate the shelves or mirrors looks equally amazing, specially when done in a bunch of hues.

Anchor Wall Decor

Adding those ship-inspired details to the walls of a room makes for an uber cool idea. While some go for real anchors, some choose to install a decorative piece in materials and colors that compliment their walls. For an extra touch, you can combine an anchor with nautical wall plaques.

Anchor Wall Hooks

Hooks or not just a nautical wall decor, but also a functional element. Perfect for every room, coastal theme hooks can be used for storing kitchen utensils, hanging jewelry when adhered to the wall along the dressing table, or hanging coats or hats in the entryway.

Nautical Oars and Paddles

Taking the guests to the sea at the very first glance, paddles come in great colors and can totally rock a nautical wood wall decor. Apart from wood, you can also go for plastic paddles or other rustic materials. Hang a series of paddles on the wall, replace the headboard with them, or simply go for a many smaller ones in coordination.

Sailing Maps

If you are planning to cover a large area with a nautical wall decor, hanging or sticking a print of a sailing map is a wonderful idea. Go for a vintage themed sailing map for a chic look, while choosing a modern sea route image for a more contemporary decor.

Porthole Windows or Mirrors

Installing a porthole mirror on the wall spruces up your space with a rustic coastal element. You can choose from a variety of sizes, themes, and colors to suit the remaining decor. Another idea is to go for an empty porthole and club it with a realistic image of the sea adhered to its center.

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