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nautical wooden signs

When you are looking for nautical wood wall decor, there are a ton of options to choose from. There are prints that feature nautical themed art, metal plaques, and of course nautical wood signs. However, unless you know woodworking or live near a lot of beach stores, it can be difficult to find nautical wood wall signs for your home. So where do you go to find the best nautical wooden signs? We put together a list of our favorite wood nautical signs below.

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Wooden Anchor Wall Decor

Wooden anchor signs are very popular for a beach home. If you love to sail or go on a boat, anchor wood decor is the perfect solution. We love anchor decor here at Beachfront Decor, and you can find some great products above and below.



Wooden Ship Wheel Wall Decor

Ship Wheel wood signs can go indoors and outdoors on your walls. They work well in a bedroom, in a bathroom, outdoors by your patio, or even in a dining room. We love ship wheel mirrors and ship wheel clocks as well.



Wooden Oar Wall Decor

Using a boat oar as part of your nautical home decor is beautiful, elegant, and will remind you of being on a rowboat. If you fish, live near the water, or love to be out on a boat, you will certainly want to use oar decor either indoors or outdoors at your home.


How to Choose Nautical Wood Wall Art

If you are not sure how to choose wooden signs with a nautical theme, our tips, ideas, and strategies below will help you decide on a final product. Nautical wood art can be difficult to find in a store and hard to choose when shopping online. In order to pick the best wooden signs, you need to follow our tips below.

Nautical Wooden Sign Themes

The wooden signs feature nautical themes such as anchors, lighthouses, ship wheels, compasses, sailboats, life preservers, pirate ships, beach themes, and more. In addition, there will be quotes and sayings on all of the nautical wooden wall decor like “Hope anchors the soul.” Check out over 100 nautical wooden signs below that can be added indoors or outdoors to your beach home. Wooden nautical signs can quickly improve your indoor and outdoor nautical decor. Discover our favorite nautical themed wood wall decor above.

Nautical Wooden Sign Sizes

The sizes of signs or art usually range from extra small to extra large, with sizes starting around 5 inches on the largest side upwards of 40 inches on the largest side. The most common sizes are generally between 15 inches to 30 inches. In addition, some are horizontal when the largest side is on the top or bottom, and vertical wooden signs have the largest side on the left and right sides.

Nautical Colors

The colors that are featured frequently in nautical design are dark red, dark blue, navy, white, and light grey. In addition, there are also shades of brown and darker shades of blue or red. However, when it comes to nautical wooden signs, there are a lot of different colors so you should not have any problems matching them with your color scheme.

In Summary

You should have everything you need to choose a new nautical wood sign. We love nautical themed wall art with wood themes or in wood material.

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