Beach Themed Jellybean Area Rugs

beach themed jellybean area rugs

Area Rugs are extremely popular in any home but beach themed Jellybean Area Rugs are extremely popular for your home on the coast. They can be a warm welcome near the front door, provide comfort in a laundry room, or give a splash of color and design to a bathroom. You can also use them in a hardwood kitchen or hallway for comfort and style. We love coastal jellybean area rugs to provide accent decor to your home.

Jellybean also makes area rugs with other elements that don’t include the beach but they have plenty of options for your home on the coast.

Beach Themed Jellybean Area Rugs

We listed all of our favorite coastal jellybean rugs below. They can work great indoors or outdoors and they feature some really unique beach and nautical design themes.


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Beach Area Rugs

Beach Chair and Umbrellas Jellybean Accent Area Rug

$47.78 $38.22


How to Choose Coastal Jellybean Area Rugs

We give you some tips below so you can find the perfect jellybean brand rug. There are several things to consider from color to style to price.


You can find nautical themed or beach themed area rugs by Jellybean. You might want an area rug with an anchor, whales, starfish, seashells, sand dollars, flip flops, sailboats, palm tree, as well as beach chairs and umbrellas.


Jellybean area rugs are generally more colorful with bold blues, yellows, reds, greens, and more. They don’t have many neutral colored rugs so keep color in mind so it matches the dΓ©cor in your home.


The prices range from about $25-$50 and they usually vary based on the size and popularly of the rugs. Jellybean rugs aren’t typically overly expensive because they don’t come in huge area rug sizes.

Beach Themed Jellybean Area Rugs

There’s nothing quite like covering your beach home in coastal, tropical, and even nautical themed decorations. Not only do you want a nice doormat and beach accents, but you also want to cover your floors with beach area rugs. Jellybean area rugs tend to be really playful and fun. They many times include a dog on the beach, flip flops, starfish, sand dollars, seashells, and other ocean themed elements to fit your home.

The one thing you absolutely need to do is check colors because these jellybean rugs are very bright and could clash with your current coastal decor. We love relaxing beach decor here so you are sure to find something that will suit your tastes and fit your home.

In Summary

Jellybean creates a lot of great rugs and the ones with beach elements and ocean themes are really beautiful for any house on the coast. The pricing is affordable, with most rugs well under $50 and more around the $30 range.

The two things to keep in mind will be color and theme. You can choose from tropical themes like flip flops, sandals, flowers, and more. Otherwise you can go for beach themes that include seashells, the ocean, the beach, and more.

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