Beach Doormats & Coastal Doormats

If you want to give the beach or nautical vibe from the time your guests get to your front door, look at these beach doormats. All of them are a perfect welcome into a beautiful coastal home. Instead of having a bare porch or deck, add one of these doormats. You can also use them as an accent, if you have a light blue theme outdoors, pick a color and a beach theme that will help everything flow together.

Beach Doormats



How to Choose Beach Doormats

The three most important things are the quality of the material, quality of the design, and durability. You want a durable doormat because you don’t want to have to replace it all the time. You want a design that matches with your front or back door and works with the rest of your overall color scheme. Lastly, the material of the doormat is important.

Doormat Color

You want to find a color that matches your overall design. If you are using a beach doormat outside of your front door, you might want one that includes colors similar to your home with an accent color similar to the color of your door. Otherwise, you can go with a brown coir doormat, which can be neutral regardless of color scheme. All in all, you want a doormat that looks like it belongs and not a bright yellow doormat where there might be more neutral coloring.

Doormat Design

Do you want an intricate beach themed design on your doormat? Are you looking for something more nautical like a large anchor? Do you want something playful like a beach themed jellybean doormat? We have everything you might be looking for, whether you like seashells, starfish, sand dollars, crabs, anchors, compasses, ship wheels, sand, ocean, flip flops, sandals, or palm tree themed doormat designs.

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Doormat Price

Doormats can range anywhere from about $10 to $125. More expensive doormats tend to be more durable and include more appealing overall designs, in addition to being ultra non-slip. Cheaper doormats will slip and wear away over time, meaning you have to replace them quicker. Thicker doormats also tend to be a bit more expensive due to the durability. In the end, you want to find a doormat at a price that works best for you with an understanding of how that doormat will hold up long-term.

Doormat Material

The most popular materials include synthetic plastics, coir, natural fiber, rubber, plastic, metal, and even wood. Different materials work better for different situations, for example natural fiber tends to be better for wiping your shoes and metal doormats tend to be more durable.

Doormat Features

I always recommend a doormat with non-slip backing because you don’t have to worry about it moving around your porch during use or during bad weather. Many doormats are stain-resistant so you can quickly wash them with a hose and they won’t hold onto dirty and mud forever (or sand, in case you live near the beach!). Some doormats are reversible so you can flip them two different ways, although I don’t recommend these options. Lastly, I believe in looking for anti-fatigue doormats, which are more pricey but hold their color and design long-term.

Doormat Words

Finding doormats with writing on them can also help with adding a coastal touch. Some lines can also have a touch of humor, which can make them a fun topic of discussion amongst your guests. A simple “Welcome” can also look very inviting when written over the sands of a beach.

Doormat Personalization

Customized doormats are the new trend where you can have your name or a family name mentioned on the doormat. It is one of the best ideas for a beach theme party where a doormat makes the guest smile right at the entrance and sets the expectations of the party inside.

Nautical Doormats

Other kind of doormats could include sailing objects like ships and boats made on them. It could be an entire ship or parts of ship like the steering wheel, the helm, the anchor of a ship or even pirate face. Such designs make the doormats stand out and grab everyone’s attention. For those who love sophistication, doormats with kinds of sea-shell patterns can be a great choice. In fact, there are also doormats that are shaped as a large sea-shell available in the market that can be used at the other doors like outside the bathroom. Placing them inside the house will add them to the furnishings of the house and make their beautiful designs not go unnoticed.

Coir Doormats

One of the most popular type of doormat is the classic coir doormat. Coir doormats are usually brown and made with woven materials. They are thick and perfect for the outdoors because they are weather-resistant. They will last long especially if you get a high-quality one, and they make beautiful beach printed coir doormats.

Decorating Your Beach Home

One of the best themes to opt for your house is the beach theme. It is an ever-green theme that will never go out of trends. Everybody loves the beaches for one reason or the other. Some like their sunny side while some others love the soothing waves. The beach theme is also very easy to achieve without too many alterations to the existing furnishings of the house. This makes it an ideal theme for parties where the beach look can be given to your house without having to splurge on every furnishing.

Making small changes to your home can help you achieve a beach theme décor. One of the most easy decoration idea is changing the doormats. A doormat at the entrance of your house with waves, sand or sea-shells can instantly set the mood of a beach. Similarly, doormats with rocky prints can create an adventurous beach theme. Beach doormats add color and freshness to your house. Some more ideas for beach doormats are having sea creatures made on them. Such doormats are adorable and can get both kids and adults super excited. Be it fishes, starfish, crabs, turtles, snails or any other sea creatures, the presence of these prints can make your doormat look very stylish.



Finishing Beach Home Decor

Beach doormats do not have to be used only to create a beach theme. They can be added to any casual furnishings of your house to add freshness and brightness. However, if you are trying to achieve a beach theme, then using light blue shades for curtains with sea-shell patterned motifs and hanging mirrors with shell frames can do the job. If available some blue and white cushions can be added to the sofa to strengthen the look further. Placing show-pieces that have elements of sand or hanging up decorative pieces in the form of a star-fish can complete the look.

In Summary

Make sure you get yourself a nice outdoor beach doormat so your visitors clean off their shoes. An indoor doormat would help bring a room together and can almost be used as a decorative accent. If you have nice hardwood floors, getting a blue, green, or sand colored mat can help the room look more impressive. You can also make sure you have something to catch the dust and dirt that you might bring in on your shoes or feet.

There are many overlooked aspects to home decorating, and doormats can fall into that category sometimes. Since they are small and not usually in eye view, homeowners can turn a blind eye to this important home decoration.

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