Coastal Wreaths & Beach Christmas Wreaths

One of the best ways to welcome visitors into your home is with an outdoor beach wreath. You can feature all sorts of coastal and nautical themes on your outdoor beach wreaths including things like seashells, sand dollars, starfish, scallop shells, and clam shells. We love the nautical wreaths listed below, and you will too. You can use wreaths all year long, or you can find beach Christmas wreaths below.

Beach Wreaths




Why You Need a Coastal Wreath

For the absolute best seashore door wreaths you can find in one place, we put together this helpful article and listing of products. Above, you will find all of our favorite beach themed wreaths featuring all sorts of different things you find near the ocean. Whether you live in a beach home on the coast of Hawaii or you want a wreath themed towards the Jersey shore, we have you covered. There are a variety of themes from the shells used to the colors.

How to Choose Beach Wreaths

You want to find wreaths that contain seashells and other beach themes. Seashell wreaths are unique and can be placed indoors and outdoors. When your visitors and when you walk by the wreath it will be a reminder of sunny days spent on the beach and swimming in the ocean. They can also be small or large depending on your space and the size of your front door. Your entryway and your beach home decor will be improved immediately when you add a beach wreath.

Nautical Christmas Wreaths

It can be difficult to find the nautical wreath you are looking for, which is why we put together this article. If you love anchors, the sea, navy blue, and nautical colors, you will love the nautical themed wreaths we listed above.

Seashell Wreath DIY Tips

Creating your own seashell wreath can actually be a fun and simple project. You will need the seashells of your choice, a round frame made of wood or wire, glue, paint, bows, fabric, rope, and anything else you would like to include. You can find frames at craft stores along with all of the other items. From there, you want to build your wreath by putting bows on the frame and then adding different seashells and gluing them to the frame. There are a lot of different images online and tutorials you can follow.

Depending on the color you want, you can paint the seashells beforehand. If you spray the seashells at the end with a clear gloss spray, it will make them shine and give them a vibrancy. Finishing off your wreath with a large ribbon is very popular. From there, you just have to hang it and there are many products you can buy to help you do that.

Beach Christmas Decor

You can find all of our beach christmas decor in our shop. We have ornaments, wreaths, garlands, string lights, and more for your coastal holiday.

In Summary

Whether it’s Christmas, the Holiday season, or the middle of July, it’s nice to have a beach wreath on the door of your beach home. Finding an outdoor ocean themed wreath can be difficult but this article should give you plenty of options. As you can tell, seashells are extremely popular along with the blue color scheme. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, it might be time for a wreath diy project!

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