100+ Outdoor Teak Benches

outdoor teak benches

When you are looking for new furniture, new teak benches aren’t always at the top of the list. However, you might have the perfect space on your patio, balcony, porch, or indoors to fit a new bench.

We highly recommend teak outdoor benches because they are beautiful and durable. You can start by looking at some of our best teak benches for sale below. We also listed teak shower benches, which can also be used outdoors.

Teak Benches

You can upgrade your patio with the teak furniture below. The prices are subject to change so we put them in two separate ranges. The first set of teak benches will be less expensive than the others, so the products are roughly ranked by price.

Coastal Furniture

Achla Designs Backless 4 Foot Teak Bench

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$499.99 $476.99
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Teak Shower Benches

If you have an outdoor shower or if you are looking for a smaller bench outdoors, you may want to find a teak wood shower bench. They can still be placed outdoors and they will last in the rain as well. You can find a related Pinterest Board here for shower benches.

Outdoor Teak Bench Ideas

Are you looking for a teak wood bench design inspiration? Do you need to update your outdoor patio or deck but you aren’t sure what to do? You have come to the right article because we have listed 20 beautiful design ideas and examples from Houzz of outdoor teak benches. Teak furniture is popular because it is a beautiful natural wood that is also very durable. You can use teak for decor as well as functionally for seating. Make sure you find and buy Grade-A teak wood if you want furniture that will hold up for the long-term. Teak garden benches can be bought once and they will last forever.

20 Teak Bench Inspirations

Check out 20 beautiful outdoor teak wood bench designs below that you can use. Hopefully you enjoy all of the images, we got them from Houzz and you will see the source underneath each photo.

1. Roof Top Deck

contemporary-patio-6 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


2. Outdoor Teak Bench Seating Set

traditional-porch 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


3. Palisades Modern Garden Patio

traditional-landscape 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


4. Chester County Farmhouse Landscape

traditional-landscape-1 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


5. Outdoor Shower Bench

beach-style-patio-1 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


6. Wood Dining Bench

traditional-deck-1 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


7. Kentfield Contemporary Garden

contemporary-patio-1-1 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


8. Sycamore House

contemporary-patio-2-1 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


9. Surrounding The Water

traditional-patio-5 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


10. Front Door Patio

rustic-entry 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


11. 27 Bridge Lake Drive

contemporary-patio-3 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


12. North Cottage

contemporary-patio-4 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


13. Outdoor Entry Hall

mediterranean-entry 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


14. Built-In Seating

contemporary-patio-5 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


15. Baldwin Duplex

traditional-patio-1-1 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


16. Waterfront Retreat

beach-style-deck 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


17. Fire Island House

beach-style-bathroom-1 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


18. Island Retreat

beach-style-deck-1 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


19. Beachfront Light

beach-style-balcony 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


20. Whale House

beach-style-deck-2 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches


How to Choose Teak Benches

The main thing to remember when you are buying a teak bench is the overall space you have. As you can see, a lot of smaller and compact balconies or patios have built-in teak benches, which are incredible. If you can connect your bench and balcony, then it helps save space while giving you the seating you need. In addition to a bench, you can also find some wonderful teak patio furniture sets.

Choosing Patio Furniture

When it comes to your outdoor area, you have so many options for designs depending on your space. You can do a large patio with an outdoor gazebo over it. You can put a large dining set on your deck for eating and entertaining. You can put a fire pit in your backyard and surround it with rocks and chairs. With so many options, having some ideas that you can look at can go a long way in helping you create the perfect outdoor space for dining, relaxing, and entertaining.

Our ultimate guide to teak patio furniture can be helpful for you as well. You can find that article here.

Teak Benches For Your Patio

On the other hand, if you have a large space, you might want to fill it out with a teak bench and two teak chairs for a full seating set. Teak end tables are also very popular so you can put your drink and book somewhere while you are sitting.

Backless Teak Benches

Lastly, consider the surrounding decor when you make your decision. A backless teak bench up against the wall can look nice but a backless bench in a garden patio like the example above can look incredible. You will also notice that teak benches are popular in the shower due to their resistance to water, which can work great for a beach home with an outdoor shower.

In Summary

If you haven’t been able to find a teak bench yet, consider looking at DIY projects. Teak wood is expensive so you can always opt for different type of outdoor wood material. One thing we recommend is to take care of your teak wood furniture if you live where it gets extremely hot or cold. You can find furniture covers or move the bench indoors during the winter.

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 100+ Outdoor Teak Benches

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