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Best Palm Leaf Ceiling Fans

One popular option for beach ceiling fans includes palm leaf ceiling fans. You see them a lot in nice beach resorts because palm trees are so synonymous with the ocean. We decided to put together our favorite palm ceiling fans that you can browse. There are different colors including white, dark brown, black, light brown, and green. In addition, we have indoor and outdoor ceiling fans so you can put certain ones anywhere. Some of the popular palm leaf ceiling fan sizes are 44″, 52″, and 54″ so you can fit them in your space.

Palm Leaf Ceiling Fans For Sale




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How to Choose Palm Blade Ceiling Fans

We go through tons of ideas and buying strategies below. There are a lot of palm leaf ceiling fans with a variety of prices, sizes, brands, lights, number of blades, and color. You can learn more below about everything.

In addition to buying the perfect fan, you can find our list of nautical and beach themed fan pulls. The best way to enhance your new ceiling fan is with a palm tree pull chain ornament.

Palm Blade Ceiling Fan Pricing

You pay for higher-quality palm ceiling fans and pricing ranges from about $125-$600. If you have a luxurious beach home, you want to put the highest quality fan in the main living room area. On the other hand, if you have a tropical beach home you can go for something lower priced for an outdoor space.

Why You Need a Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan

When you are decorating your beach home, finding the right ceiling fans is so important. There are a lot of different beach themed options for you to incorporate. Whether you need an indoor fan at your beach home or an outdoor fan, we have you covered with the products above.

Palm Leaf Fan Size

The sizes range from 20″ to 54″ above. For the most part, palm leaf ceiling fans are 52″ and you will find the most variety within that size.

Popular Ceiling Fan Brands

Some of the popular brands listed above for palm ceiling fans include Honeywell, Fanimation, Hunter Fan Company, Emerson, Concord Fans, Quorum, Kendal Lighting, Bayou Breeze, and Ellington. We only included top-rated brands and fans so you are sure to find something perfect.

Lights and Palm Blades

The palm leaf ceiling fans listed above mostly contain 5 blades but there are several options that contain 4 blades. You will find that palm themed ceiling fans mostly have the options to add a light to it while very few come with one.


Palm leaf ceiling fans come in colors such as black, dark brown, light brown, white, and beige. No matter the color you are looking for, you will find a fan that works for you.

In Summary

We love everything that has to do with palm trees here at Beachfront Decor. If you can find the perfect ceiling fan for your living room, bedroom, or outdoor area, you will be so happy at the difference it can make.

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