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When you are near the beach, you always associate it with palm trees. It’s something in general that people associate with salty air and an ocean breeze. After all, when you are looking at pictures of a beautiful paradise, a wonderful resort, or a luxurious retreat, you always tend to see palm trees in the view. If you live near the coast, you usually want to bring elements of the outdoors into your home so you can use them in your beach home decor.

We decided to put together a list of the absolute best palm tree artwork and palm tree wall decor that you can buy for your own home. Since palm trees are so popular near tropical destinations, it’s not hard to find artwork that matches them. Whether you love palm tree canvas art, prints, posters, or fine giclees, you are sure to find something perfect to upgrade your home and your wall decor immediately.

Palm Tree Wall Art



Choosing Palm Tree Wall Art

It can be difficult to find the best palm tree paintings and more for your beach wall decor. We give you some helpful tips below for getting started.

Hopefully as you browse above, you find the piece of palm themed wall art that you can fall in love with. It can be on your walls for years and years and maybe even passed down to different generations. That way, future generations can experience the same artwork you were able to knowing that you gave it to them.

Palm Tree Themes

Sometimes you find artwork that feature large green palm leaves and others that feature a tropical beach with a beautiful green palm tree and a blue sky in the distance. So you aren’t just limited to a piece of artwork that features a forest of palm trees or just several palm trees. And you are certainly able to find palm tree artwork that would work in a classic cottage beach home or even in a modern coastal mansion.

Tropical Colors

For the most part, palm tree artwork features shades of green, brown, beige, and white. Because palm trees feature green leaves in a variety of different styles, it’s easy to use them on the artwork. In addition every palm tree has a brown base, a brown shaft, and brown bark leading up to the top of the palm leaves, so the colors make a ton of sense.

Wall Art Style

As we mentioned above, we have palm tree art including prints, framed prints, canvas art, giclée art, posters, and more. Therefore, you are not limited to one style of artwork, one style of print, and you actually have a huge option to choose from.

Palm Tree Art on Canvas

We personally love palm tree canvas art because they can make the wall pop and they can work whether you have four small canvas squares or one large canvas rectangle behind your couch that completes the room with a huge picture.

Palm Leaf Wall Art

While many palm tree paintings feature full trees, you will find different options that feature palm leaves. We love all things palm themes, and you can brighten up any room by incorporating wall art that contains palm leaves as well as full trees.

In Summary

Hopefully you were able to find the piece of palm tree artwork that you have been looking for after being on this article. We have a variety of options for you so whether you need something bright and beautiful for a luxurious tropical home or you need something neutral for a classic beach bungalow you should be able to find something on our website.

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