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Outdoor Cooler

If you are looking for the best outdoor coolers, we here at Beachfront Decor found a bunch of new options that are perfect for your home. We have patio coolers listed that are great for putting a lot of drinks on ice during a party. In addition, we have listed Yeti, Coleman, Grizzly, Orca, and Igloo coolers that are the top rated in their category. We also put some of our favorite ice chests, marine coolers, picnic coolers, and more. If you need to keep beverages cold at home, at the beach, on the golf course, or during a picnic, you are sure to find something below.

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If you are looking for a new patio cooler, ice chest, or rolling cooler for the beach, we have you covered.

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Patio Coolers


A patio cooler is simply a device in which to store cool drinks on the patio. As patios provide the perfect setting for an informal entertainment experience, keeping things relaxed with a constant supply of refreshing drinks can ensure it stays that way. For the host or hostess, it can mean the difference between spending extra time in the kitchen and joining in pleasant patio conversation. Constant trips to the kitchen for drinks can also disrupt the flow of the occasion, take focus away from the patio and into the kitchen. As most patios are well fitted out with patio furniture these days, it is preferable to keep the entertaining out there in its entirety.




Ice Chests


Ice chest coolers are one of the most useful inventions there is. People use them to store food and drinks for a considerable amount of time to preserve them. They put ice in it to keep the goods inside cold. The coolers are insulated so that no heat enters or leaves the system.

They are ideal for picnics and vacations. If your family is, for example, planning a somewhat long road trip and you decide to bring food with you, you can put cubes of ice inside the coolers together with your food so that it will not spoil. These ice chest coolers can keep ice cream or anything frozen from melting that easily. The coolers come in different sizes, colors, and styles.




Rolling Coolers on Wheels


Rolling coolers are probably one of the more flexible and user-friendly methods of keeping things such as sodas, beers, and food chilled on trips out to the beach, camping holidays or fishing trips. As the coolers have wheels, it is much easier to transport than other types of cooler bags and makes it simpler to carry heavier or bulkier items such as beverages which can become uncomfortable when carried in a cooler bag over distances. Rolling coolers are extremely efficient at keeping their contents cold for a long time.



Cooler Bags


Cooler bags are designed to handle food or beverage items that require being preserved at their ideal temperature. They’re needed for outdoor parties or affairs. These bags come with great interiors so more food or beverage can be placed inside. The roomier it is, the better! This feature makes it nifty for party goers since they don’t have to cart around extra bags for all their picnic needs. What makes them distinct from other bags is their built-in insulators, which keep the items inside stay hot or cold for longer periods of time. It prevents food spoilage; and so, people get the chance to save money and to avoid avoidable expenses. It also maintains the food’s freshness and quality.



Floating Coolers


Floating coolers are great because you don’t have to worry about any of your food or drinks becoming soaked into the water. Have you ever tried placing a regular cooler on a tube and strapping it? If so, you know that it is a very tedious process and most of the time it never works out.

So a floating cooler will allow you to place all of your soda, snacks, and food into it and let it float down the river with you. There are a few different kinds of floating coolers that you can purchase. For instance, there are some that are made for pools, which are not sturdy. Some are made for the river, so they are less likely to tip over if you go over waves. The first cooler can hold up to a case of soda along with some other snacks. It will provide you with a storage place, so you never have to worry about getting your stuff wet.



Backpack Coolers


Back pack coolers are great for picnics, for spending a day at a beach, camping, hiking and other adventurous activities. They may be transported on the back and can be purchased in the variety of designs. Don’t worry girls if you are bored of looking at those blue and black bags. The market is flooded with floral design different bags also. Like any other bags, these cool backpacks have ample amount of space to hold beverages, fruits, snacks and other things as per your requirements. Back Pack coolers are available in different capacities and styles. Depending on the preference, you can choose the one that is appropriate for you.




Yeti Coolers




In Summary

When you are ready to buy a cooler, either for camping or to take along on a picnic, it might seem like a simple decision. A cooler is a pretty simple thing; you want to buy one that is going to last you a long time and does what a cooler is supposed to do: keep things fresh. A cheap cooler can lead to a ruined camping trip. We hope you are able to find the perfect cooler for your beach home or a cooler for your next trip to the beach! You can go with the stylish outdoor wicker furniture or just use one of the coolers on wheels outdoors and at the beach. One of our favorites is the bag that goes over your shoulder. It is convenient and it can be used for something as simple as a trip to the grocery store.

If you take care of your cooler, and the cooler is well designed from the start, it can last you almost a life time. Don’t waste money on cheap coolers that will crack and fade under the sun or absorb odors faster than a sponge.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave us a comment below!

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