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RIO Brands beach chairs are very popular because they are high-quality and beautiful. If you’ve ever tried to rent a chair at the beach, you found yourself having at least two thoughts. First, “I should have been here at dawn”. And second, “I should’ve brought my own.” It’s too expensive to rely on renting a beach chair every day, which is why you should opt for a RIO beach chair.

The only challenge with having your own beach chair is that you have to carry it to and from the beach. But on the other hand, you get to pick the exact style of the chair that works best for you, and not settle for whatever is available at the beach. RIO beach chairs come in several styles that are tailored to your needs. We listed some of our favorite options below.

RIO Beach Chairs For Sale




Backpack Beach Chairs

Rio Beach Big Boy Folding

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Types of RIO Beach Chairs

There are popular beach chair types, including those that fold, lounge, turn into backpacks, and include coolers. We listed some popular RIO brand beach chairs below and the benefits of each type.

RIO Backpack Chairs

Rio backpack strap beach chairs all all-in-one solution for a day at the beach. They fold and convert into a backpack for easy carrying and have enough storage space added in form of pockets so you don’t need another bag. The durable aluminum frame is light and the straps are padded for maximum comfort.

RIO Beach Chairs With Cup Holders

They are all equipped with a cup holder, but the Gear 4-Position Hi-Boy also has a built-in cooler bag for your beverages or soothing aloe vera gel. Even if you aren’t drinking a beer or a mixed drink at the beach, you need a place for your water or sports drink.

RIO Lounge Beach Chairs

Of particular note is the Multi-Position Lounge Chair. It’s perfect for ultimate in sun soaking since it can be adjusted to any position – including laying it flat for getting that perfect tan. It also has a large storage pouch as a sturdy steel frame.

Beach Chair Styles

All chairs are colorful and come in shade ranges and patterns going from beach chic styles to tropical bright colors. The 5-Position Lay Flat Designer Beach Chair model comes with two exclusive patterns for those who want some extra fun and whimsy.

RIO Folding Beach Chairs

Once folded, Rio beach chairs don’t take up much space. They are easy to carry when traveling on foot or by bike. In addition, they are easy to store in small living spaces and they are light enough to hang on a garage or shed wall.

Canopy RIO Beach Chairs

All chairs can be equipped with RIO Beach MyCanopy Clip-On Canopy for some shade and relief from the sun. It offers UVA/UVB 50+ sun protection and has been recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. We love canopy beach chairs because then you don’t need an umbrella. If you need more shade and protection that that, there are also Sol Cabana Beach Tent or the Total Sun Block Extreme Shade 8 ft. Sun Shelter.

In Summary

Stop planning on renting a beach chair for a short beach trip or your next beachfront vacation. Instead, choose a RIO beach chair, which come in a variety of styles and colors. In addition, you can find chairs with a canopy, with the ability to recline, with backpack straps, and more. Hopefully, you are able to find what you are looking for above.

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