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Best Rope Clocks

If you have a nautical home, you can improve your wall decor with a rope clock. We love clocks that feature rope in nautical homes. Nautical themed clocks can be difficult to find at your local store, which is why I put together a huge list of products you can find for your walls and your desk.

Rope Clocks



Why You Need a Rope Clock

Enter 2020’s newest trend: the rope clock. Nautical rope clocks have been featured in some of the top home renovation TV shows, and are highly sought after, accordingly. Rope decorations are also very popular because they can be used on the inside and the outside of the home.

Nautical Interior Design

If you keep up with interior design moguls like Joanna Gaines, or watch channels like HGTV, then you know one thing to be true: nautical is in. Coastal and beach themed decor adds a carefree, relaxing ambience to your home. Unfortunately, some shops carry decor and accessories that err on the side of cheesy beach house rather than nautical getaway. You want to source decor for your home that is subdued, yet breathlessly brilliant with a touch of nautical elements.

Coastal Charm with Nautical Themes

What makes the rope clock such a stylish choice? For one, ropes are a fantastic choice to add a rustic, weathered component to your nautical themed room. They’re not overtly “beachy,” with seashells and the like. Two, they make an attractive statement piece for your wall. The intricate braiding of the ropes with a stylish clock face in the center is the perfect thing to brighten a bare wall. Lastly, rope clocks blend in perfectly to any existing color scheme or decor. These authentic looking pieces feature warm amber and straw tones that will beautifully compliment any ocean blue colors in your home. Plus, a clock is a kind of timeless decor. A stylish rope clock will look great in your home year round.

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Before the Ship Sails

Be warned that DIYing these clocks is no walk in the park. Sourcing authentic looking, nautical rope, trying to piece it together in a fashionable design, and then somehow attaching a clock face is bound to leave you tied up. Fortunately, we found some of the hottest selling rope clocks on the market and compiled them for you below. Taking your home’s design to the next level is as easy as a click of the button. Don’t forget that this design is currently trending across Instagram and other social media platforms, so you want to snag one before time runs out!

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