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Rope Lamps

When you live near the sea, the open water, the beach, or anywhere near the coast, you absolutely want to incorporate nautical themed decor right within your home. Nautical decor is extremely popular because there are a variety of elements that you can incorporate in your home including anchors, lighthouses, ship wheels compasses or even rope. That’s why we decided to put together a list of pier roped themed lamps that would look perfect in any home near the water. Rope lamps are absolutely incredible for your home office, in a bedroom, or in your living room.

One of the major things you want to look for is the overall thickness and the quality of the rope lamp because some rope lamps tend to be slightly less durable while others feature higher-quality marksmanship and craftsmanship. All in all, you want to buy a nautical lamp that feels like you are bringing a rope from a dock outside and crafting it into a beautiful rope lamp that lights up the room and complete it in terms of style as well.

Rope Lamps




Hopefully between all of those options you’re able to find something that fits exactly what you’re looking for. Some options feature a glass lamp at the base with rope wrapped around it and looks like a fishing net and other options look like thick rope that would be used to tie a large ship to a dock.

Choosing Rope Lamps

Lamp Style

In terms of style there are actually a lot of different styles because some look like knots and others feature rape more like a fishing net. Therefore, it is very versatile and some of the lamps might have more of a beach theme while others have more of a nautical theme. That is why rope lamps might be a considered one of the best coastal lamps that you can actually buy.


For the most part, the color of rope lamps range from light brown to dark brown. We do feature some that have blue glass or clear glass with rope wrapped around it. Others featured darker rope that lead up to a dark lampshade with nautical elements like anchors on them. Therefore the most popular color is usually brown with a light colored white or beige lampshade but that doesn’t mean you can’t find other colors that would fit perfectly in your beach home.

Lamp Quality

We touched on it before but quality of rope lamps can vary greatly. You usually get what you pay for so make sure you don’t look for something so affordable that might be easily broken or something by that is lowly rated and might not last long term. Some of the more expensive lamps are made with a higher quality materials and they look more beautiful, like there is actually a real looking rope sitting in your living room or your bedroom with the light attached to help light up the room and maybe even help ships at sea.

In Summary

In conclusion we hope that you find the nautical lamp of your dreams we understand hear that there are so many options so it’s a great idea to do as much research as possible into absolutely everything from how bright the lamps are to the material they are made with to their overall height and color.

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