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Sand Dollar Wall Art & Sand Dollar Wall Decor

If you found yourself on the Beachfront Decor guide to sand dollar art, you are likely looking to upgrade a bedroom, living room, dining room, or office in your coastal home. One of the quickest ways to give a master, kids, or guest bedroom an upgrade is to add a new piece of artwork. You spend so much time around your home so you definitely want to include beach elements everywhere.

Sand Dollar Art



How We Chose Sand Dollar Wall Art

We looked for our absolute favorite sand dollar art that we would have wanted in our own home. That includes wall decor, prints, framed art, and really anything that includes a sand dollar and goes on your wall. If we didn’t like it or think it would upgrade your beach decor that you have.

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Sand Dollar Wall Decor

We listed all of our sand dollar art below in a grid style and you can buy them directly, otherwise we have more below that you can learn more about as well. We also have some artwork buying tips and things to consider as you are browsing.

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Sand Dollar Framed Art

How to Find Sand Dollar Art

When you are looking for art to fill out the wall of your beach home, there’s a lot to consider from the style of artwork to the type of art you are purchasing. We have some ideas below that might help you figure out what to buy and what works for your home.

Art Color

You can find artwork with beige natural colors and also bright colors like yellow, green, teal, and more. Depending on the overall color scheme of your home and the room you are putting artwork in, the color is a huge factor. You might find a shade of blue or green that will accent your wall color, bedding, furniture, and more, so keep that in mind as you pick out art.

Art Style

You can find styles like modern, contemporary, abstract, scenic, photography, vintage, floral, beach, coastal, nautical, rustic and more. Depending on the style of your coastal home, the artwork you purchase should blend in. You don’t want to put a modern piece of artwork in your rustic cottage beach home.

Artwork Type

Do you want a print, photograph, canvas, giclee, original, painting, or drawing? There are different art types including canvas artwork, metal artwork, prints, and more.

Sand Dollar Art Projects

We listed some unique sand dollar diy projects below that you can try. There are plenty of do-it-yourself projects that you can do with sand dollars.

1. Paint Sand Dollars

One idea you can do is to go to the beach or a local shop and collect a bunch of full sand dollar seashells to be used for crafts. You can then buy a good paint set with paint brushes. All you need to do from there is paint different sand dollars with colors you enjoy and you can use them as crafts or just hang them from the wall.

2. Sand Dollar Shadow Box

You can buy a shadow box and fill it with beautiful sand dollars that you collect from the beach. It will have a beautiful look and you can customize your shadow box with a variety of sand dollars and even some painted sand dollars that you create yourself.

3. Sand Dollar Ornaments

Since they work perfectly for hanging, you can create customized sand dollar Christmas ornaments to hang from your Christmas tree. There’s so much you can do and all you need to do is decorate a sand dollar, add a hook to it, and hang it from your Christmas tree for beautiful holiday beach decor.

4. Sand Dollar Wreaths

Wreaths are really easy to create and you can either buy a pre-made one and glue sand dollars to it or create a circle of sand dollars that combine to create a beautiful wreath. We love beach themed wreaths on a coastal home.

In Summary

Hopefully you are able to find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to sand dollar artwork. We have a variety of options listed and so many different styles, colors, and types to fit your beach home.

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