Best Seashell Wedding Decorations

Seashell wedding decor is beautiful. It is a traditional way to invoke good luck in your marriage, and not only good luck but divine blessings and success in the future for both the bride and groom. We have a ton of wedding decorations below that feature seashells like sand dollars, clam shells, and starfish.

Seashell Wedding Decorations



Seashell Mixes

The ideal way to bring something exciting, which is not seen so often, to your wedding. An ideal choice for “message in a bottle” invitation, wedding bouquets, table decoration, etc. In accordance with the natural colors that are the basis of beach decor, combine very pale or white seashells in different shapes and textures with glassware, candles, table linen, etc.

Starfish Wedding Decorations

Starfish wedding decor has a multitude of purposes. It is ideal in combination with centerpieces, table scatters, seashell mixes, individual table settings, invitations, take home gits, etc. Starfish in a smaller size is absolutely amazing for decoration. They are versatile, look festive and fun, and they are undoubtedly a good choice when it comes to beach themed weddings.

Seashell Bouquets

You can always choose bouquets exclusively made from seashells and starfish. You can even choose a combination of those with fresh or silk flowers.

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Seashell Centerpiece

Select one XL size shell or opt for a group of 3 shells to decor tables, buffets, entrances, shelves, almost anything when it comes to your wedding. They look timelessly beautiful, especially in combination with other elements that you need for a wedding like glass, bamboo, sand, stone, etc.

Why Use Seashell Wedding Decorations

In Greek and Roman mythologies, you could often see the shells in the picture along with Poseidon, Neptune, Aphrodite, and Venus, who were in charge of wealth, love, and happiness, except Poseidon, who was the god of the sea. Shells have been used throughout history as good luck charms.

In Summary

If you love beach weddings and decide to take such a step, everyone will tell you that it is difficult to imagine this type of wedding without shell wedding decorations.

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