Plantable Wedding Favors & Seed Packet Favors

seed packet wedding favors

One of the big questions brides and grooms need to ask themselves is the type of wedding favors to use. Should you go with candles, sunglasses, or seed packet wedding favors? Each type of favor has its own upsides and downsides from price to quality. One great place to start is with the theme of your wedding by matching the rest of your decorations and colors. We’ve planned weddings here and we understand the difficulties so our goal was to put favors all in one place.

Plantable Wedding Favors


Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Plantable Heart Note Favor – Cream (Pack of 100)

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Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

25 Forget Me Not Seed Packet Favors (F02)”Love Blooms”

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Beach Wedding Favors & Nautical Wedding Favors

Set of 25 Seed Packet Favors (F09) Bee Happy Pollinator Mixture

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Types of Seed Packet Wedding Favors

Below, you will find seed wedding favors for wildflowers, sunflowers, and more that you can give out at your wedding. They work great during a spring wedding because people can go home and plant them. In addition, you can personalize the packets so they show your name and date. We also recommend using perennial seeds if possible because people can always have a reminder of your wedding day when they look in their garden. Your growing relationship will be symbolized by beautiful growing flowers in all of your guests yards.

Sunflower Seed Favors


Sunflower seed wedding favors are one of the most popular options because sunflowers are so beautiful. They will represent the blooming of a new relationship and your guests will love their new sunflowers and think of your wedding when they see them.



Wildflower Seed Favors


Wildflower seed wedding favors are actually what my wife and I gave out at our wedding. One of the beautiful benefits of wildflower favors is that people send you pictures of their wildflowers growing, and you know the seeds were from the Wedding reception!



In Summary

If you want to give out seeds at your wedding as a favor, it has become very popular and there are different flower options as well. You can also personalize the package you give out to people. Some are seed packet wedding favors while others are pieces of paper that you can plant, which will eventually grow into flowers. Show how your everlasting love is still growing and find the perfect way to say “Thank you” to your wedding guests today.

Our buying guide above should help you understand what seed packet wedding favors will work best for you. We feature a variety of themes (including nautical & beach themes of course) so you can fit it to your wedding.

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