Ship In A Bottle Kits and Decor

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One of the best decor accents in a nautical home is a ship in a bottle. When you live on the coast and you love everything that has to do with ships, fishing, and boats, you will love these kits. However, it can be hard to find a ship in a bottle kit for sale at your local store.

We love ships in a bottle so much for decor that we listed our favorites below. You can find vintage options and a variety of model ships in the glass. In addition, we have small and large sizes so you can find something for you. For the most part, our ship in a bottle options are around 11″ and somewhat larger or smaller. Some of the glass bottles below are shaped like a wine bottle and others are Christmas ornaments.

Ship In A Bottle Kits & Decor


More Ship Bottle Decorations

Below you will find a variety of options you have for decor accents. The ship bottle products are all high-rated and go perfectly in your home or at an office. You can also use them as accents on a book shelf, end table, nightstand, or wall shelf. Some of the decor below includes pirate ships, the mayflower, sailboats, and more.


Ship in a Bottle Kits

Instead of purchasing the pre-made decor, you can purchase the ship in a bottle kits and make it yourself. There are different options ranging by size, difficulty, and overall quality. If you are looking for do-it-yourself ship bottle kits, then the diy options below are absolutely perfect.


Ship in a Bottle Decanters

Decanters are used for whiskey and bourbon. You can also use them for wine, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, scotch, and even mouthwash. We listed six different ship in a bottle decanters that go great in a nautical themed home. They are made of glass and include a dispenser so you are able to put it in your glass. It’s much easier to make cocktails at your coastal themed home bar with these.


Nautical Ship Bottles for Decorations

Whether it’s ship bottle decor or an actual kit, there are a wide variety of options. They are the perfect decorations for a desk in your home office or to put on a mantle above a fireplace. It is remarkable to see a ship inside of a glass bottle. And what goes better in a nautical beach home than a pirate ship accent?

In Summary

If you love nautical ships and decor, you will love all the ships in a bottle listed above. It’s very popular to get accents that include sailboats and pirate themed ships assembled in a bottle throughout your coastal decor. The options we have are perfect for a desk in your office or on an end table.

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