Best Ship Wheel Clocks

ship wheel clocks

Show people your love for the sea with some of these nautical ship wheel clocks listed below. These pieces are ideally designed decoration accessories to add a nautical vibe to your beach home. They are also excellent gifts for your friends who adore the sea. Ship wheel clocks are usually crafted from brass or genuine wood in order to look great in your study or den! Take a look at the products for sale below.

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Ship Wheel Clocks


Beach Wall Decor & Coastal Wall Decor

Rhythm Clocks “Time Trip” Magic Motion Clock

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HS Lady Sailor Nautical Ship Wheel Clock

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Ships Wheel Wall Clock

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Beach Wall Decor & Coastal Wall Decor

Deco 79 19002 Wood & Brass Ship Wheel Clock

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Types of Ship Wheel Clocks

There are different types of ship wheel clocks you will generally find. In terms of material, size, and color, you have a lot of options for your nautical wall decor.

Wooden Ship Wheel Clocks

Wooden clocks are very popular because they resemble old wooden clocks on old ships. They are usually crafted from solid wood with stunning and clearly visible wood grain. They are sanded with top grade coats of lacquer for wheel glossing, which creates stunning nautical wall decor accent for your place. High-quality wood means its strong, hard, and able to resist the elements.

Brass and Wood Ship Wheel Clock

Add a sophisticated touch to your room with one of these charming clocks. It has clearly visible distinct wood grain. A unique combination of classic wood grain and stunning metallic brass accents makes this masterpiece a truly ideal nautical design accessory. In the middle of the wheel is a clock which perfectly fits into the steering wheel.

Wooden Anchor and Ship Wheel Clocks

You can find lovely wood brass ship wheel clocks located on a wood anchor base. What makes this model different and unique is the decorative accents around the clock like buoys fisherman’s rope and fish netting. The design for people with a bold taste to place it in any room. If you appreciate the quality of nautical décor, you must have it. The white color perfectly matches the nautical design because the whole concept is designed on neutral colors.

In Summary

If you love nautical decorations, then you have to love ship wheels as well. Clocks are absolutely necessary in a home because you need to know what time it is. In addition, old nautical clocks bring an element of the sea and old wooden ships, which we love.

Hopefully you are able to find what you are looking for with the products available above. We put together some of the top-rated nautical decorations we can find.

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