Custom & Cool {4″ Inches} Set Pack of 4 Square “Grip Texture” Drink Cup Coaster Made of Cork w/ Travel Souvenir Compass Nautical North South East West Design [Colorful Purple, Red, Gold & Brown] Price: $15.49 (as of 04/08/2023 22:02 PST- Details)

USES: Keep surfaces in your household safe from stains, dripping and condensation. Use a coaster for any and all beverages.
ALTERNATIVE USES FOR COASTERS: Coasters without sharp edges can be used as toys for toddlers at the parents discretion, stacking toys for children, great for protecting the shelves in your fridge, glass and stone coasters are great for hot pots and pans, balancing tables and chair legs, decoration, coasters with “lipped” edges can be used as soap dishes, and much more!
WARRANTY: This product comes with a lifetime warranty that is guaranteed by the manufacturer.