Cottage Chic Ivory and Rose Vintage Mason Jar Bathroom Set, Shabby Painted Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories, Rustic Bath Decor


This Beautiful Ivory hand painted Mason Jar Desk Set or Mason Jar Bathroom Set with vintage Mason jars would look amazing on most any desk or vanity! This can be a great piece of Mason jar decor for your own home! This Mason jar bathroom or place of work set is painted in beautiful pure ivory, evenly distressed after which sealed. Each and every jar has a hand painted brown vine with sweet pale pink vintage look silk roses. Once embellishment is complete the jars and flowers are resealed to give protection to the final product. Each and every jar features a bronze painted lid ring. This set of 5 jars features a flower vase, 1 pen & pencil holder or toothbrush holder, 1 accessory jar, 1 soap dispenser jar with vintage Ball lid and translucent soap pump, and a business card or q-tip holder. There one vintage quart sized jar, 2 vintage regular pint size jars, a vintage half pint jelly jar, and an elite squatty 1/2 pint jar. For additional or different jars please message me! These mason jars are hand-painted with acrylic paint at the out of doors only. To clean, Gently wipe with a soft damp cloth. Do not submerse in water or leave in standing water for long periods of time. Please message me with any custom requests or questions!

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