UNSUWU Teal Grey Coastal Beach Quilted Double Oven Mitt, Cooking Gloves, Heat Resistant Oven Gloves, Great Set for BBQ…

Amazon.com Price: $16.99 (as of 07/18/2022 16:07 PST- Details)

Protect Your Hands In The Kitchen – This Light-Weight Double Oven Mitt Feature Pockets Lined With Super Soft Cotton And Premium Insulation To Keep Your Hands And Arms Safe From Handling Hot Cookware, Removing Dishes Safely From The Oven, And Handling Hot Pots And Pans From Stove To Table
Made Of High-Quality Materials – Keep Your Hands Cool When Things Heat Up In The Kitchen With Unsuwu Oven Gloves. Instead Of Two Oven Mitts And Pot Holders To Pull Out That Pan, Just Whip Out Your Double Oven Mitt. The Outer Material Is 100% Cotton And The Filling Content Is 100% Polyester
How Does It Work? – This Easy To Use Oven Glove Has A Double-Sided Design That Shields Hands & Arms From Hot Bakeware, Large Baking Dishes, And More. Simply Slide Your Hands Into Either Side Of The Mitt Pockets For A Secure And Comfortable Grip And Lifting Experience With Ovenware