Nagina International Antique Beautiful Painted Rusty Vintage Mirror Ship Wheel – 30″ Price: $78.00 (as of 06/13/2023 13:00 PST- Details)

Perfect Nautical Decor
Rusty Vintage Feel.
Nautical Home Decor


Large Antique Nautical Home Decor Mirror Ship Wheel Beautifully Crafted to look old and rusty but still gives the beauty vibes that carries , Being the producer , I actually love this one , its a gem in person. You would adore it hung on your wall , those rusty faded colors just make it look all perfect DECOR. Beautifuly Black Rusty Screws and Bend Iron Rods assists in keeping it all together and gives it every other accent of Rust and Vintage Antique Decor. This Ship Wheel features a thick crystal Clear Mirror , which is 100% Stain Proof. Shipped Mirror Wheels do get a hand of clean before being dispatched and mirrors are cleaned yet again as we imagine you would want it cleaned just love it we all do. I m sure you would adore it on your Wall or Kid’s Room , anywhere you need it , its just perfect Decor for your nautical needs!. Exclusive Nautical Decor Collection by Nagina International. This Ship Wheel is well built with Sheesham Heavy Wood which is extremely Durable and Sturdy unlike chinese Sold mirror wheel , craftsmanship is so in the market . Please go through every picture to get the idea of craftsmanship Nagina International carries with its stature.
Perfect Nautical Decor
Rusty Vintage Feel.
Nautical Home Decor
Heavy & Sturdy Plus Well Built Product!
Manufactured in INDIA by Nagina International

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