Lelva Ocean and Beach Themed Patchwork Quilt Set


Get this Lelva Ocean and Beach Themed Patchwork Quilt Set, which features a variety of seashells and has the appearance of a quilt with different themed patches.

Beautiful Patchwork Designs
Use as a Thin Spring and Summer Quilt or as Decorative, Elaborate Bedspread
Full Size ( 3Pcs ) : 1Pcs Quilt 90″ X 98 2Pcs Pillow cases 20″ X 27″
Machine Wash Cold, Do not Bleach, Tumble Dry Low, Remove Promptly.


LELVA committed to the design and production of a distinct sense of the times. The design of home products , rapid respinse, adaot to the changing consumer trends in fashion trends. Give us the traditional daily necessities of life by the most fashionable design language… Let love,fun,creative,fashion,hot,animation,implant design of household products show different home ideas.


First time wash without soaking. Direct machine wash, reverse side washing. Bleach-free detergent ingredients. Natural drying, avoid sun exposure.

1. Disable the detergent for bleach.

Bleach has a strong decontamination,but he has a bleaching function. Easily lead to the color of the printing products fade.

2. Wait for detergent to dissolve in water and then put bedding.

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No machine washing or hand washing detergent, selected after the detergent to fully dissolve in water, then put the dirty quilt. This can fully absorb the dirty quilt cleaning detergent molecules, more conducive to clean the bedding.

3. Can’t be long immersed in water.

A long soak in the water, not only for the color printing quilt hurt, while too long soaking will cause fabric expansion、deformation、shorten its service life.

4. Can not be long in the sun Exposure.

Prolonged exposure can also make the bed fade.

We sincerely hope that every customer has a pleasant shopping experience!

We recommend that you please measure your bed frame/mattress because due to the photograph, our bedding sets are modeled on “model beds” and so they do not portray an actual bed size frame. If you are concerned if the bedding set will go all the way over the sides to the floor, then PLEASE measure before purchasing.

NOTE:Separately wash(deep light color kit be separate and wash)

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