SeaThingz Sea Urchin Purple Night Light


Get this SeaThingz Sea Urchin Purple Night Light, which is a wonderful night light for your hallway, living room, bedroom, child’s bedroom, and more in your home.


A NEW WAY TO LIGHT UP YOUR NIGHT! -There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to lighting, but nothing is like this candle. In fact, the uniqueness is indisputable. It’s an all around FANTASTIC light that will make you the talk of the neighborhood! Made from the actual shell of one of the ocean’s most interesting creatures: the Sea Urchin! Dainty and delicate, this light is a beautiful addition to any decorative theme!
VERSATILE ELEGANCE -This little light not only makes a big impression, but can be used anywhere in your home, or outside. Bring the mystery of the deep blue sea into your bathroom, to light the way with a gorgeous lavender hue, or in your bedroom to set a peaceful, romantic mood. You can even take it outside and enjoy the company of friends and family next to the soothing glow.
WEATHER THE STORM -We all lose power in our homes from time to time, and it can be cumbersome to try and look for lighting of any kind in pitch black darkness. Now, with just the flick of a switch, you can light up the gloom for 70+ hours using a cr2032 battery included with this Sea Urchin Flameless Candle. Take away the frightening nature of being without power and adore the ambiance this gorgeous light evokes. Who knows, you may even start HOPING the electricity goes out!
AMAZING GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION! -Searching for a unique and worthwhile gift can be a hassle for anyone. Our loved ones deserve something fun and distinctive for their birthday and during the holiday season. Everyone likes different things, but some things are just so fantastic they’re universal. Get them something they’ll really appreciate. Let them delight in the splendor and magic of the deep blue sea!

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