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starfish bedding sets

If you love seashells, where do you go to find the perfect starfish bedding set? Shopping at different stores to find the right starfish quilt or starfish comforter can be a pain when you are on beach time.

We here at Beachfront Decor love using starfish decor, which includes starfish bedding in your master, guest, or children’s bedroom. That’s why we decided to put together a list of bedding, comforters, duvet covers and quilts that feature starfish along with other seashells so you can get the bedding set of your dreams.

Starfish Bedding Sets

We have listed some of our absolute favorite starfish themed bedding sets including comforters below. Whether you love bright, tropical starfish themes or more neutral colors, we have you covered. We’ve also added varieties for all ages.


Beach Bedding Sets & Coastal Bedding Sets

Sea-Blue Seashells Crib Comforter/Quilt (Personalized)

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Starfish Quilts

Quilts are one of the best options that feature starfish patterns because there is a huge variety. Starfish themed quilt sets are great for a master bedroom or a kids bedroom.






Starfish Duvet Covers

Starfish duvet covers can be a wonderful idea because they are comfortable and less expensive than comforters or quilts. You need to make sure you have a duvet cover insert as well, but once you do you can easily update your starfish themed duvet cover.



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5 Favorite Starfish Bedding Sets

We have found five different comforter sets with a starfish theme. Spruce up your master bedroom or a spare bedroom today and bring the beach right indoors.

If you are looking for a Starfish Themed Comforter Set, these five sets certainly have you covered. Whether you are going for neutral or bold colors, you can find the comforter set that is right for you.

White Harbor House Maya Bay Comforter Set

Pieces: 4

1-White-Harbor-House-King-Size-Comforter-Set-6-Pieces-300x300 Starfish Bedding Sets & Quilts & Comforters
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This comforter set has a white theme with soft tones of blue. If you’re looking to enhance any bedroom in your house, the Harbor House Maya Bay Comforter set has you covered.

Seashell Beach House Nautical Quilt w/ Shams & Toss Pillows

Pieces: 6

2-Nautical-Seashell-and-Starfish-King-Size-Quilt-6-Pieces-300x300 Starfish Bedding Sets & Quilts & Comforters
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The Seashell Beach House Nautical Quilt is perfect for a beach house. The comforter has seashells and starfish on it and the main color theme is white and blue.

Brushed Ashore Coral Seashell Comforter Set

Pieces: 3

3-Coral-Starfish-and-Seashell-King-Size-Comforter-3-Pieces-300x300 Starfish Bedding Sets & Quilts & Comforters
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The Brushed Ashore comforter set has strong and bold colors of blue as well as some tan undertones. This is a neutral comforter that would certainly work for both genders.

Nautical California Starfish & Seashell Comforter Set

Pieces: 8

4-Nautical-California-Starfish-King-Size-Comforter-Set-8-Pieces-300x269 Starfish Bedding Sets & Quilts & Comforters
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Are you looking for a pink-themed comforter set with seashells and starfish? Look no further than the Nautical California comforter set.

Summer Harbor Beach House Comforter Set

Pieces: 4

5-Summer-Harbor-Beach-House-King-Size-Comforter-4-Pieces-300x300 Starfish Bedding Sets & Quilts & Comforters
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The Summer Harbor comforter set has tones of blue, green, and tan, but the colors are neutral enough that it wouldn’t be difficult to match with other accents and decor.


How to Choose Starfish Bedding Sets

Everyone spends a lot of time in their beach bedroom sleeping and relaxing, so getting a matching beach bedding set is important. However, it can be difficult finding the theme you are looking for. We have some more tips below about things to consider before your purchase from bedding size to color. Hopefully, you find this helpful as you look to find your next beach bedding set today.

Below we have listed some of the important things to keep in mind as you pick out your next beach bedding set. Starfish is a popular beach theme so there are a lot of comforters, quilts, and duvet covers.

Bedding Color

You want colors that match and flow with the rest of your home. You don’t really want to put a yellow bedding set into a master bedroom that doesn’t use yellow in the color scheme. In addition, you can incorporate starfish bedding that has blue themes, red themes, and even neutral colors like beige, grey, and white.

Bedding Size

Do you have a twin, double, full, queen, or king bed? Make sure you select the right size so you have a comforter that fits your mattress properly and a bedding set that fits over the bed. Many of the options above come in all sizes.

Bedding Material

You might be looking for a quilt and we have plenty of those above. However, if you want something heavier like a down comforter or materials like cotton, there are some options above that would suit you as well.

Starfish Bedding Accessories

In addition to your starfish coverlet, duvet cover, quilt, and comforter, you want the rest of your bedding accessories to match. We have some additional ideas below that may be helpful.

Starfish Accent Pillows & Shams

If you really want a starfish theme, you might want to go with accent pillows that feature one large starfish. It’s a great way to make your bedding design pop. All in all, you want pillows and shams that are comfortable but also match and enhance your overall bedroom decor.

Starfish Sheets

Many of the products above come with sheets but if you only get a comforter or a quilt then you need some nice sheets. What you can do is find sheets with a high thread count that would match your comforter set. Many times that means going with comfortable white sheets.

Why Purchase Starfish Quilts and Comforters?

Using a starfish theme in a coastal home is fairly common, but finding comforter sets can be much more difficult. When you go to the store, it’s not always easy to find the right sized bedding with starfish on it. You might also be looking for a particular color or style to match your bedroom, which adds to the challenge. We love starfish themed duvet cover sets, quilt sets, and comforter sets because they are unique and you will feel like you are swimming in the ocean.

In Summary

We have a ton of coastal bedding sets here at Beachfront Decor so we understand how hard it can be to make a decision on what to buy. At the end of the day, you want a bedding set that matches the design of your bedroom, that’s comfortable to lay on for 8 hours every night, and that will be durable enough to hold up for the long-term.

A starfish beach bedding set is one of my favorite designs for so many reasons. I love finding starfish on the beach or even in beach stores and I love using them in my decor. To add it to a bedding set makes perfect sense to me because it’s a wonderful beach themed element. We hope you find your new starfish bedding or starfish quilt set today!

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